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Friday, December 14, 2012

Okay so being on a tighter budget than normal this christmas i'm doing a LOT of research compared to normal when buying christmas presents. Not because I'm a cheap skate as I normally would spend a lot more but frankly because I just don't earn as much as I did last year especially since moving out for university. I came across a little goldmine (I call it a goldmine) while I was on the hunt online for some new clothing for my little sister (She's 7) and being 7 she's got to that stage where she knows what she wants to wear and a majority of the time she either wants to 'dress up like becca' and wear my clothes (even though they are far too big for her) or go outside and play all the time. The site which has saved the day is JKL Clothing and they stock American Apparel. Not just womenswear but fashionable Children's wear too! What's better is they even stock it at what shocked me the most affordable prices as I've always felt American Apparel is a brand out of reach for me due to the high price tags. Having spent an hour or so browsing the site I thought I'd show you all my top picks when buying for younger sisters/daughters!
Photobucket 1. Cardigan2.Long Sleeve Top3.Raglan Zip Hoody4.Jersey Leggings

Which item would you buy? Do you like American Apparel Childrenswear?

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