Weekly Wishlist: Republic, Pop Couture, Missguided & Glamorous

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

There's so many things i'm lusting after at the moment! It doesn't help being on a student budget! It's what always happens when you have money you want nothing and when you don't have money you want everything!
1. Wine Disco Pants - Glamorous UK
2. Jumper - Glamorous UK
3. Sequined Shorts - Republic
4. Black Dress - Glamorous UK
5. Guns & Roses Body - Republic
6. Foil Effect Peplum Top - Pop Couture
7. Moustache Pumps - Missguided
I absolutely love disco pants and they look amazing in 'wine' don't they?! Sequined jumpers are a massive trend this Autumn/Winter and this one by Glamorous is absolutely gorgeous! Sequins seem to be coming back bigger than ever this year and these sequined shorts are perfect for party season when you don't want to wear a dress! Band tees are really popular at the moment to and this body is a great alternative! Peplum tops are my favourite thing to wear at the moment and this gold peplum is the perfect way to transform your outfit from day to night! I really love these moustache pumps how adorable are they?!
Which item is your favourite?


Robyn Roxburgh said...

Those shorts are so gorgeous!!! I love sequins at the mo, dying for some sequiny clothing in my life! I really like peplum tops too, they're so flattering :)

Robyn Mayday

Gavina said...

Those moustache slipper shoes are amazing!

honey876 said...

Those moustache pumps are fab!

Ellie Clark said...

I love that guns and rose body! It's beautiful! And those shoes are AMAZING!x

Ana Silva said...

wow ! so nice things<3

Sam said...

Those moustache pumps are so cute! Plus they're really relevant with it being Movember and all!

Sam x

Isa said...

How did you know all I need is MOUSTACHE SHOES?!?!?!?!

Sincerely Shug said...

I love this my fave being the guns n roses body!

Ellen Grace said...

I adore your taste! I want haha


Lottie. said...

I tried those sequin shorts on in republic but think you'd need to wear tights on underneath as it really scratched my skin! :( Would have been perfect otherwise.

love your blog becca!

Unknown said...

I have the cranberry (wine) AA discos - love love them!
They are doing slipper shoes with moustaches on them in Primark atm :)get a cheeky bargain.

Georgie x
fashion & lifestyle blog

Unknown said...

The guns & roses body is amazing! But to be honest, I'd happily have all of them!

- clothes shoes & boys with tattoos
K, xo

Nicole said...

Love the glamorous jumper they have some lovely items at the moment !

king said...

I like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7!

Lone Wolf Style said...

I am LUSTING over that black dress, too cute! Just stumbled across your blog on twitter, and love it! x


Lucy Loves To Blog said...

Loving number two and three best! I'm terrible I only went shopping Friday and I already have another huge wishlist!

Lucy Loves To Blog

Elena said...

Wow i love your selections!! I love everything, especially 2 3 6 :D

Telina said...

Great picks :) I love the disco pants and the black dress is lovely x

Anonymous said...

The black dress looks so nice! i think the moustache pumps are sweet too! Great blog!

Basler Clothing said...

Love the moustache slippers!!

Unknown said...

love the red trews. xx

Unknown said...

I have the guns and roses body. My latest buy.. I love it!!

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