GHD Cherry Blossom Styler Review

Saturday, November 03, 2012

I was super excited when I recently received the GHD Cherry Blossom Styler to review on Fashion-Train.
The Cherry Blossom Styler was launched to help support breakthrough breast cancer, £10 from each sale goes directly to the charity and in the past 9 years GHD have raised over £6 million!
As I have quite thick hair I find this styler perfect for styling. It's great for creating curls and waves in your hair a normal hair straightner wouldn't be able to do!
I absolutely love the pattern on the styler and who can't resist having coloured appliances? I love the hot pink of the GHD's too!
After having a little play around with them and taking some inspiration from these hairstyles I created waves in my hair which is really easy by curling the front bits of your hair backwards which is super easy to do with thin plated straightners! I absolutely love these GHD's and love how when you get a pair they're donating money to a good cause too!
What do you think of GHD's? Do you have a pair?


Anonymous said...

The packaging/design is soo beautiful!!!

Come and visit my blog :)

Sunshine & Rain

Anonymous said...

Love these Ghds! I used to have a normal pair but I dint any more and miss them!

Unknown said...

I have the hot pink ones, they are a life saver!

Fifi's Fashion Diaries said...

I'm going to buy it for Christmas hopefully, looks soooo cute!

Unknown said...

Just the pink on this styler is buying me into it! Such a girl haha. I have the original but its actually getting old, maybe its time for an upgrade, this one sounds fab and I love the outcome on your hair!

Jessica xo

Heidi-likes said...

I definitely need some pink ghd's in my life! Your hair looks lovely and shiny :)

Unknown said...

Oh my god this post has just made me realise I've had my GHDs for nearly 5 years now! Maybe time to upgrade haha my hair must be dying a slow death!

These look gorgeous - love the packing. The problem I've personally found with GHDs (when using my mums, or my friends, for example) is that different ones seem work 'better' than others? Even if they're the same model! The lack of consistency bothers me, I was lucky with mine, but what if I shell out £100+ and end up with a not-so-great pair?

Ah decisions!

Anyway, great blog babe, I've been following it for a while! Come and visit sometime -


Unknown said...

Hope uni is going well, doll! hope you'll have time to meet up when im next in brum? xx

Miss drifted Snow White

Maja said...

Lovely girl. :)

Yasmin; said...

I never straighten my hair but I do have a pair of pink GHD's sitting in my cupboard and when I did straighten my hair they were definitely the best brand by far I found! Your hair looks so nice here, love the colour! x

GeorginaGoodman said...

lovley colour

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Meg said...

Ohh these are so gorgeous! I love the bag they come with too, you just can't beat ghd's. It was so lovely to meet you briefly last night, I hope you had a good time xxx

Unknown said...

Lovely straightener, from what you are writing it is possible her also to do cool hairstyles, and as well is supporting the fight against the breast cancer. Super!

Ellen Grace said...

Adore my GHDs and these are gorgeous! your hair looks great said...

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Unknown said...

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