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Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's not very often you find a bag you REALLY love. Despite being a blogger and a fashion student I'm someone who doesn't buy bags very often and when I do it's a bag I've been lusting after for ages and a bag I'll use for years!
Madison Black Tote - Marc B(*)
Last week I welcomed this bag into my life the Madison Black Tote by Marc B! I can safely say it may just be the nicest bag I've ever owned! It's the perfect size for an everyday bag and it's so different and more stylish than picking up any old cheap large bag in a cheaper online store or on the high-street!
I think it's very easy to pick up any old cheap bag which certainly won't last the wear and tare. I think it's much better to invest in one good bag which is a bag you can use all the time!
The other thing I love about this bag is that not only it's large, it's quilted and the inside is LEOPARD PRINT! I absolutely love how this bag is so so so fashionable and practical! I am loving the quality of this bag too! I've been carrying it to university everyday and literally everywhere I need to go and this bag has not disapointed me once!
I think when you purchase a bag you need to purchase a bag which is stylish, within a certain price range whcih you kknow you'll get great use out of. This Madison Tote is now my handbag and bag for university I carry it everywhere with me. I am now a real Marc B fan as even though you feel sometimes when looking at bags i'm like 'oh dear that's out of my price range' but sometimes the extra £10 on something like a bag is really really worth the money as you'll get your ware out of it!
What do you think of this bag? Do you like Marc B?


WMBG said...

great bag!


T said...

What a gorgeous bag! Love this post

Tsui Chung

Laura said...

Beautiful bag - love the inside too! x

Katarina said...

love it!

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Ellie Clark said...

Gorgeous bag! Looks very spacious, I need a bag like this! Love the inside, haha!x

Rosie Cumberlidge said...

I love marc b bags! Looks gorgeous and great for uni.


Eve Maria said...

That really is the perfect bag!

Kiwi..x said...

Love it, defo is the perfect bag
I totally agree with spending that little bit more for a bag, coz they get a lot of use


Jodie said...

:O wow fantastic bag- I think your right it might just be the prefect bag. Love the leopard lining

Lucy Loves To Blog said...

It's gorgeous, really love the lining. My mum owns a lush handbag shop so I'm pretty lucky!

Lucy Loves To Blog

Unknown said...

I must admit that this is an awesome bag. I usually prefer leather messenger bags but this one looks more beautiful and quite spacious!

Unknown said...

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