Holiday Time!

Monday, August 20, 2012

As you are reading this I'll be in the air making my way to South Africa (having probably travelled for hours already!) I'm volunteering out there for 2 weeks so the posts which come up will be auto-mated ones! I am so excited for a break and to have the experience of going to such an amazing place I'm super excited!
I then decided to take photos of my packing! (haha!)
Levis, Topshop shorts and various items from H&M!
More clothes!
Converse (I've packed a couple of pairs!)
Reading material!
I will have limited internet access out there so will reply to comments/emails/tweets when I can!

Have you been on holiday this year? Are you going on holiday?


Unknown said...

Have a great time!
Love all your shorts x

Unknown said...

i hope you have a good time! :D

Unknown said...

I wish I was going on holiday this summer but I had my holiday in April!
Have fun and great packing.x

Anonymous said...

wow very jealous! hope you have a great time, can't wait to read all about it when youre back!
nicola xxx

Josephine Pearl said...

Hope you have a great time. I had a holiday in early June, after moving house 3 weeks ago.. I really need another one already..haha.
Can't wait to see all the pictures of your trip :)

Jo. x

Unknown said...

South Africa sounds amaaaazing, I hope you have a nice time over there! enjoy it honeyyy

Floral Danielle said...

Have a lovely time!
Looks like you're packing lots of lovely things :)
Enjoy the reading material!

Phibster said...

I wish we knew more about your experience! Sounds very intriguing.

Kudzai said...

I just got back from a holiday in Orlando and you've just made me want to go back! Have a great time :-) xoxo

Katarina said...

amazing stuff! :)

katymitten said...

have the most super amazing time becca bumbum! we'll missssss you xx

Unknown said...

South Africa, wow, insanely jealous. Have an amazing time!

Eve Maria said...

Gok's autobiography is a fantastic read, hope you enjoy it & look forward to your blog posts about your trip!

Laura | Style and Sushi said...

Wow South-Africa, I'm sooo jealous! Have an amazing time lovely!

xoxo, Laura

Abby-Lee said...

Have a good time! Wish I was going on holiday! x

Tamara Emilia said...

have a great time dear !! xoxoxo

Kristy22 said...

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Anonymous said...

I very randomly stumbled on your blog. I live in sunny South Africa :) Where are you heading? Enjoy your trip :)

Anonymous said...

Those speckled shorts are so nice! Have an amazing time in South Africa!

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Christina Marie said...

Have a wonderful time! I bet you'll learn tons. (:


Unknown said...

Hi Becca, Btw i love you blog and have been reading for a long time!!
i was just wondering if you are doing the volunteering with a company and which company you went through, ive been looking into volunteering and hopefully going next year but there are so many companies to go there through i dont know which one to choose, if you could reply to me that would be great thanks!! xx

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