The Best Disco Pant Dupes under £40!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So many of you have tweeted/emailed/commented on my last post about cheaper disco pants here. Since I posted this last post so many dupes are now around and It's hard to find a pair at the right price which suits you/what colour you want/which retailer you want to buy a pair from.
I thought I'd do a 'disco pant dupe update' to show you all the latest pairs available online at a fraction of the American Apparel pair's price!
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Silver pair - £20
Dark Blue pair - £20
Black pair - £20
Berry pair - £20
Gold Pair - £20
These dupes are the cheapest of the disco pant dupes I've found and I love the variety of colours they come in. They don't have the zip or the back pocket but at £20 a pair why not buy two colours?!
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Blue Shiny Disco Pants - £25.99
Wine Shiny Disco Pants - £25.99
Black Shiny Disco Pants - £25.99
These dupes from Own The Runway are a little bit more expensive at £25.99 but they're still not breaking the bank! How gorgeous are they in blue?!
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Royal Blue Disco Pants - £29.99
Black Disco Pants - £29.99
Pewter Disco Pants - £29.99
If you regularly read my blog I've mentioned these dupes quite a few times! Read my full review (I have the pewter pair) here. If you are going to buy this pair buy a size up If you've got long legs for a better fit!
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Black Disco Trousers - £35
Red Disco Trousers - £35
Blue Disco Trousers - £35
These disco pants are the most expensive of the dupes but they are still under £40! They have pockets on the back and a zip fastening at the front. I absolutely love this blue pair and If I don't get the midnight blue AA pants for my birthday (or get the chance to buy them) these are definitely on my wishlist!

What do you think of disco pants? Do you have a pair of dupes? Are you tempted to buy a pair now?


PinkyVintageXX said...

Hey! I think if I did get a pair I'd get the Pewter me those ones look more expensive than the rest and the colours are gorgeous!

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Twitter @PinkyVintageXX


Unknown said...

:o the ones look great! Fortunatley i'm going to america on saturday so i'll be able to get some proper ones for about £50, however if I like them, I might go for a few dupes in different colours!

Great post xx

Unknown said...

I've got to say my favourites are the Glamorous ones! xx

BeautyBecca said...

amazing finds :D they all look great :)

Unknown said...

i have the black very ones and LOVE them. i don't think they're as shiny as the AA ones but that just means they're more wearable :) i have my eye on the Pewter Glamorous ones ;)
Nadia xo

Kirsty said...

I love them! but being a long legged (generally buy 34in leg) girl, I think im going to have to go with the AA ones, as most people say they are too long and need to roll them up!


Anonymous said...

If I could afford the AA ones I would but I think the glamorous ones are a great alternative. The boohoo ones are great for the price but I think they look better with the button at the top. I also like the very ones but they look a bit baggy around the ankles, might be just on the model though. Amazing finds though and very helpful! Thanks Becca!

Charlotte xoxo

Becky said...

I'm surprised by the Very ones - they look good apart from maybe some bagginess issues (although that could just be the model!)

Still not sure anything can beat the originals though boooo :( £70 is mental xx

Josephine Pearl said...

I'm tempted by the boohoo ones, although they look more like the AA high shine leggings as they don't have the pocket or button. I really want the blue pair :) Thank you for all these links :)


Unknown said...

I want a pair of the pewter glamorous ones! Thanks for doing this post!

Millie said...

I think the pewter glamourous ones look the best - but i'm still in love with my AA ones!

Rachel said...

Where do you create the banner for your blog? I need a new one for my blog and wondered where you did yours?xx

Anonymous said...

You are a lifesaver for posting this. I've wanted disco pants for so long but refuse to pay AA prices!

Unknown said...

I love the very ones! So many to choose from. Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

I really love disco trousers but i'd be scared they'd make my arse look huge! xxx

Anonymous said...

OMG suchhh great steals! thanks so much for sharing :)

XO Sahra

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