My Week In Photos #3

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Okay so I'm telling a little lie this all didn't happen this week... it's been over the space of two! I've been a busy bee as per usual and I'm still catching up on everything! I haven't done one of these posts in a while so I thought It's time I did one! So here's what I've been up to lately!
1 - No trip to the cinema is complete without Ben & Jerry's! I went to Prometheus and that was definitely a film I wouldn't normally watch!
2 - My new shorts from Glamorous and quite possibly the best shorts EVER!
3 - A spontaneous moment to die my hair red again!
4 - A new obsession... bralets!
5 - Costa with my mum and sister! yum!
6 - My new Motel Rocks bodysuit!
7 - My dress for my leavers ball!
8- Finally got Models Own Hedi Kandi Nail Polish!
9 - On the FRONT PAGE of LOOK.CO.UK (best day ever)
10 - I treated myself to these gorgeous Burgundy Vectras!
11 - Nandos!
12 - Got the latest company magazine!
13 - ASOS sale purchases! Love Motel Rocks!
14 - The day I finally went on a rollercoaster (I always avoid them at Alton Towers!)
15. Today when I saw Katy Perry's Part of Me with Kavita! so much love for Katy Perry! she's such an inspiring woman and has never given up on her dream if you've not seen it yet GO WATCH IT!
16. Shopping with Kavita!

If you want to follow me my Instagram username is 'fashiontrain'!

Which Movies have you seen lately? Have you made any sale purchases?


Ava Tallulah said...

all your food looks so good.. yum. And those shorts are aammaaazing.

Nicola said...

Lovely week in photo's Becca! Those burgundy vectra's call me!


Looveee the patterned body. I really wanna see Katy Perrys film too.

Caz said...

I love your Burgundy Vectras, they're definitely on my wishlist! x

Excuse us, we're young said...

Where is the bralet from? It's so nice :)

Elle said...

The ice cream looks so good!

Fashions on Top

Unknown said...

i LOVE your leavers ball dress!!!

April-Lily said...

that costa hot chocolate looks delish! And Nandos too, I'm a big fan of Nandos lol x

Kiwi..x said...

Looks like you had a great week
And you got some items from your weekly wishlist :)

Tia Aaliyah said...

Love the Motel bodysuits and the vectras, wanna get some myself! I never go on the rollercoasters at Alton Towers, hope you had fun xx

Its_Pema said...

I love all of your posts....BECCA.
You've inspired me to make my own blog.It just has 5 posts so far but I hope you like it.
(the name was actually supposed to be tidbitstoday but sadly I forgot the y....:D)

Temi said...

Love those vectras, your leavers ball dress and that Models Own nail polish! Looks like you had a great week or two haha


Ella said...

Ah I want a nandos now, and I have never tried the mash but may have to now! I didnt know they do burgundy vectras I may need to treat myself too xx
Ella @ Belle Vintage

Sadie said...

Your hair looks lovely and I love the studded shorts :) xx

Unknown said...

wow love those studded shorts and vectras! xx


you are such an inspiration!
Ive been too scared to do any of this blogging stuff and im just trying to get on my feet, please give my blog a quick look and a follow! oh and anyone reading this comment feel free!!!

thank you!

Unknown said...

awesome blog M3

Califbaby said...

loving your fashion sense :)


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