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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Loads of you keep asking what are the key pieces in my wardrobe? What are the pieces I invest in? What are the pieces in the wardrobe which will last year after year?
So I thought I'd put together a quick list of my style essentials I couldn't live without and where they are from!
1. Black Seam Detail Biker Jacket - Miss Selfridge
2. Clean Biker Jacket - Topshop
3. Quilted Panel Biker - Topshop

I actually own number 2 and it's my favourite jacket to wear. Here in England the weather is a bit depressing/cold/wet/horrible and without this jacket I don't know what I'd do! It looks great with everything and is perfect all year round and so It's worth the £55 investment!
1. American Apparel Disco Pants - ASOS
2. Royal Blue Disco Pants - Glamorous
3. Black Disco Pants - Glamorous
4. Pewter Disco Pants - Glamorous

I have the Black AA pair and the Pewter Glamorous pair but these Royal Blue ones are on my wishlist! I live in my AA pair as they are perfect to dress up and down. I wear them with pumps/trainers in the daytime and for a night time look I wear with heels/boots! I love disco pants as they make you feel super skinny (even on your fat days) and that little bit more stylish!
1,2,4,6 - All Linzi Shoes
3,5,7,8 - All Topshop

On a daily basis these are the shoes I go to when I'm late/don't have long to get ready and I still want to look on trend. Studded Loafers have become the shoes I can't live without these past 7 months or so! I now have 6 pairs (oops!) they go with everything and I stick with my motto if you like it buy it in more colours!
1. Bleach High Waist Hotpants - Topshop
2. Tapestry Contrast Hotpants - Topshop
3. MOTO copper Stud Denim Hotpants - Topshop

Hotpants are the item of clothing I have the most of! No matter what I always seem to find a new pair I love and I know I'll get a good wear out of them (so I buy them oops!) These are just a few pairs I love on Topshop right now! I have the first pair and they go with everything! I love this tapestry contrast pair as they are bright and different (in a good way of course!) and the studded pair is gorgeous too! I wear shorts to death so I definitely think it's worth investing in a great pair for your wardrobe!
1. Black Creepers - Own The Runway
2. Black Studded Creepers - Runway Shoes
3. Burgundy Creepers - Linzi Shoes

Creepers are my new shoe style essential! They're really on trend right now! I have this first pair from Own The Eunway and I live in them! I love wearing them with frilled ankle socks and tights! If you're stuck for ideas look at my How to style creepers post!

All these items are my style essentials and the pieces in my wardrobe I wouldn't be able to live without! I know I haven't included any blouse/top in this post as everyone's style is so different and there's TOO many tops to chose from! I live in basic tops/t-shirts/vest and team them with my style essentials!

I hope this post has helped all of you who are stuck on what 'key' pieces to have in your wardrobe!

Which is your favourite style essential? What item in your wardrobe couldn't you live without?



Shannon Beer said...

I totally agree with all of these essentials, disco pants are next on my list!xx

Unknown said...

Love the leather jacket and I really want those blue disco pants xx

Alice said...

I love Topshop's hotpants - although it's terrible that I want them all even when they're so similar sometimes!
I definitely agree with the leather jacket and studded loafers, but I'm one of the few people who Disco Pants are very UNflattering on and I can't bring myself to like creepers :')

Unknown said...

great post :) I have all of the essentials, except the discopants and the creepers but I would like to have them :D maybe soon! they look so good :D

xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

Temi said...

Great post! I really want some disco pants and i'm the hunt for a leather biker jacket so this helped me out so much!


Unknown said...

I have to admit, I agree with all of these being things you need to have in your wardrobe! :) Xx


Oooo love the blue leggings, funky.

Anonymous said...

I honestly couldn't agree more with your essentials list!

Emma x

Lola said...

I have all of the essentials! I LIVE in my moto jacket. All this list needs is a nice pair of combat boots


Hollie Grace said...

I found this post really helpful! I just bought some glamourous disco pants in black!

Thanks for your help!! :)

If you get a chance please check out my blog I'm new to blogging and would love your opinion!

Hollie xx

Unknown said...

Great list, I wear my leather jacket all the time and wouldn't live without it! Definitely going to invest in some disco pants and studded loafers next pay day :)

Katie xx

Tia Aaliyah said...

I love everything here! Can you do a post on your pewter disco pants so we can see what they look like x

Nicola said...

Couldn't agree more about the disco pants and leather or 'biker' jackets! My absolute staples! Aswell as the studded loafer.

Just Another Shopaholic said...

Those loafers are amazing.

Eloise said...

Love this post! The more I see disco pant dupes the more I'm taking it as fate that I need to get a pair. Annnd I have the first biker jacket and pretty much live in it


Eloise said...

Love this post! The more I see disco pant dupes the more I'm taking it as fate that I need to get a pair. Annnd I have the first biker jacket and pretty much live in it


Andrea said...

i need everything on that list!

JayMarie said...

Awesome basics. I see tons of outfits with all of those pieces! (:

Lisamello said...

I love everything on this list! I already have some creepers, and I think my next stop will be studded loafers!

Lisamello xx

Stacey Joanne Marie Ford said...

Great post Becca, really like the idea! Love your choices too, I wish I could rock creepers! xx

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