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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

There's so many items I'm lusting over at the moment! I think it's because my exams are over it's now summer and I have a lot of browsing time on my hands!
Here are just a few items which I'm loving at the moment!
Pewter Disco Pants - £29.99 - Glamorous they also now have BLACK disco pants to for £29.99 here.
Khaki Crop Top - £8 - Topshop
Studded Shorts - £29.99 - Glamorous
Gallus print maxi skirt - £42 -Love
Black Crop Top - £8 - Topshop
Black Sculpted wedge shoes - £40 - Runway Shoes
Crochet Vest - £36 - Topshop
American Print Shorts - £23.99 - Glamorous

I think it's time for disco pants in a different colour! I currently live in my AA black ones and since I found these in pewter I've been in love! These Topshop crop tops are a recent obsession of mine and I go by the rule of if you wear it a lot in one colour, why not buy it in other colours? (this applies to shoes to!)

This Love skirt has caught my eye for a long time now, I've really never seen a print like it! It's absolutely gorgeous and it's perfect for summer! Everyone thinks the 'moon shoes' are impossible to walk in but I think they'll be fine for the experienced heel walkers... just look at those studs! I wish I was heading off to a festival this summer as that lace top and american print shorts are perfect with wellies for a festival look!

What do you think of these choices? Which item is your favourite?



nicola said...

its posts like this that make me wish i had more money..! I love the way topshop crop tops look on other people but dont know if i'd be brave enough to wear crop-tops myself! and i still cant believe i dont own a pair of disco so behind haha! nicola xxx

Jenna said...

I love both pairs of shorts! It's funny that you have American Print shorts on here because in America, a lot of people wear UK print things!

That's so Fletch

xo, Jay

Rachel said...

heeeyyy, i got the exact same shorts in primark for a tenner, you should deffo check them out there. rachel x.

Amy McMillan said...

The skirt is so gorgeous - the print and colours are lovely. And I'm definitely adding those disco pants to my wish list! X

Lauren said...

I ordered the black disco pants this morning! Can't wait for them to arrive :)!!

lady liquor vintage. said...

I love that crochet vest! The cropped tees are nice too :) XO.

Ellen Atlanta said...

I love the look of the pewter disco pant copies - can't wait to see what they look like on if you get them! :) I've been living in Topshop crop tops too, I really want a white one next! <3

Ellen xx

Liya said...

I love the wishlish! I like the Skirt & shoe the most! Great Pick! x - The Nuliya

Lauran Annison said...

I almost bought some of those Sculpted Wedge Shoes from eBay but I was petrified I'd kill myself in them! lol Great post Becca :)

Much Love,

loveCaits said...

love love love those black studed shorts! unlimited money would be fab!x

Tee ♥ said...

Nice wishlist! Love do some really nice clothing, that skirt is lovely! x

Miss Taty said...

lovely blog! just discover it last night and have been hooked ever since. keeep it up and stay styling.
I invite you to check out my blog as well;
Regards from South Africa.

Charlotte Asquith said...

I love the disco pants and sculptured shoes, both are so affordable!!

Anonymous said...

is there any girl who wouldn't love to rock those shoes? i want them too! nice little list :)

The Style Rawr said...

Love the Runway shoes - so Gagalicious! ;)

The Style Rawr!

Laura Collins said...

I can not justify the money for the american apparel disco pants but am soooo tempted to buy the glamorous ones! I just would love to see them to be able to tell how alike they are!

Great list and I'm following you now :)
Laura x

Hanna C. said...

i love the white vest and those shoes!! the shoes are amazing!

Kim said...

Eee I got the Love dress in that print, its amazing. Love all your picks but I don't think you need any more crop tops ;) xx

emm said...

i'd love to see what those floaty shoes actually look like as part of an entire outfit, i keep just seeing cliche instagram pictures of just the shoe x

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