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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

There's so many items I'm lusting over at the moment! I think it's because my exams are over it's now summer and I have a lot of browsing time on my hands!
Here are just a few items which I'm loving at the moment!
Pewter Disco Pants - £29.99 - Glamorous they also now have BLACK disco pants to for £29.99 here.
Khaki Crop Top - £8 - Topshop
Studded Shorts - £29.99 - Glamorous
Gallus print maxi skirt - £42 -Love
Black Crop Top - £8 - Topshop
Black Sculpted wedge shoes - £40 - Runway Shoes
Crochet Vest - £36 - Topshop
American Print Shorts - £23.99 - Glamorous

I think it's time for disco pants in a different colour! I currently live in my AA black ones and since I found these in pewter I've been in love! These Topshop crop tops are a recent obsession of mine and I go by the rule of if you wear it a lot in one colour, why not buy it in other colours? (this applies to shoes to!)

This Love skirt has caught my eye for a long time now, I've really never seen a print like it! It's absolutely gorgeous and it's perfect for summer! Everyone thinks the 'moon shoes' are impossible to walk in but I think they'll be fine for the experienced heel walkers... just look at those studs! I wish I was heading off to a festival this summer as that lace top and american print shorts are perfect with wellies for a festival look!

What do you think of these choices? Which item is your favourite?



Anonymous said...

its posts like this that make me wish i had more money..! I love the way topshop crop tops look on other people but dont know if i'd be brave enough to wear crop-tops myself! and i still cant believe i dont own a pair of disco so behind haha! nicola xxx

Jenna said...

I love both pairs of shorts! It's funny that you have American Print shorts on here because in America, a lot of people wear UK print things!

That's so Fletch

xo, Jay

Rachel said...

heeeyyy, i got the exact same shorts in primark for a tenner, you should deffo check them out there. rachel x.

Amy McMillan said...

The skirt is so gorgeous - the print and colours are lovely. And I'm definitely adding those disco pants to my wish list! X

Lauren said...

I ordered the black disco pants this morning! Can't wait for them to arrive :)!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

I love that crochet vest! The cropped tees are nice too :) XO.

Ellen Atlanta said...

I love the look of the pewter disco pant copies - can't wait to see what they look like on if you get them! :) I've been living in Topshop crop tops too, I really want a white one next! <3

Ellen xx

Unknown said...

I love the wishlish! I like the Skirt & shoe the most! Great Pick! x - The Nuliya

Unknown said...

I almost bought some of those Sculpted Wedge Shoes from eBay but I was petrified I'd kill myself in them! lol Great post Becca :)

Much Love,

loveCaits said...

love love love those black studed shorts! unlimited money would be fab!x

Tia Aaliyah said...

Nice wishlist! Love do some really nice clothing, that skirt is lovely! x

Unknown said...

lovely blog! just discover it last night and have been hooked ever since. keeep it up and stay styling.
I invite you to check out my blog as well;
Regards from South Africa.

Unknown said...

I love the disco pants and sculptured shoes, both are so affordable!!

Anonymous said...

is there any girl who wouldn't love to rock those shoes? i want them too! nice little list :)

The Style Rawr said...

Love the Runway shoes - so Gagalicious! ;)

The Style Rawr!

Unknown said...

I can not justify the money for the american apparel disco pants but am soooo tempted to buy the glamorous ones! I just would love to see them to be able to tell how alike they are!

Great list and I'm following you now :)
Laura x

Hanna C. said...

i love the white vest and those shoes!! the shoes are amazing!

Kim said...

Eee I got the Love dress in that print, its amazing. Love all your picks but I don't think you need any more crop tops ;) xx

em said...

i'd love to see what those floaty shoes actually look like as part of an entire outfit, i keep just seeing cliche instagram pictures of just the shoe x

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