TK Maxx - Meadowhall Opening!

Monday, April 16, 2012

You might have seen in one of my latest posts I mentioned a trip to Sheffield! You can check out that post here!
The reason why I went to Sheffield is for the latest TK Maxx store opening!
I was so happy to be invited to have a look round the store the day before it officially opened, see what was going on behind the scenes and meet all the lovely members of the TK Maxx team behind the Meadowhall Store!
(kind of want all of these purses!)
I was lucky enough to invite Kavita along with me and we had a look round the store and made a few cheeky purchases ourselves!
Mine and Kavita's shopping bags (before they were super full!) before we tried our clothes on!
The most gorgeous top I totally wish I'd bought it now!
Kavita and her shopping!
Me and Kavita with our purchases!

Silly me I hadn't realised my camera flash wasn't on! I have used photo effects on some of these photos so they look a bit cooler :) haha!
I had such a great day and a lovely lunch with Helen from TK Maxx! If you want to see my purchases from the day check out this post!

Have you been to a TK Maxx store opening? Do you like TK Maxx?


Kirsty said...

Im not a huge fan of TK Maxx purley because the ones in Aberdeen are like jumble sales, however I have picked up a few bargains

Pics look fab x

Char! said...

It looks so tidy there unlike my local one! Xx

Unknown said...

I really like the look of this store - shame they end up messy quickly because people don't care! :(

VERY jealous because I adore TK MAXX, some of the bargains are insane!



I really love your pictures! Its amazing when a new store that you really love opens up!


Joanne said...

Looks like a nice store, new ones are always the best as they are so well stocked and clean!

Rosie Cumberlidge said...

I used to be a fan of TK Maxx but feel like its gone slightly down hill over the last few years- the one in Sheffield centre is appalling- a complete jumble sale! So I'll definitely have to go to the meadow hall one soon as it looks a lot better. I can't believe they had an all saints top! Its gorgeous!
Always love reading your blog :).


Kim said...

Woo hope you got some lush things :) both of you look stunning, but whats new :p I loved the store opening I went too! Everything was so tidy :) and free stuff woop! haha xxx

Tia Aaliyah said...

All the TK Maxxs Ive been too are really messy so I avoid it alot! This is the most decent one I've seen x

Unknown said...

I love TK Maxx but I find some months are better than others, stock wise!

Although this one looks amazing!

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T-Shirt Types said...

nice clothing store and your friend kavita is looking so sweet.

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Lucy Loves To Blog said...

Ooh love TK Maxx, especially for house bits!

Lucy Loves To Blog

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