GHD Peacock Collection

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I've had my pair of GHD hair straighteners for about 4 years now. They've last me so well and I use them most days! I don't think any hair straighteners can really compare to ghd's. I've tried a variety of brands before I got my pair and i've not regretted it since.
One thing which I love about GHD's are the new 'ranges' they keep coming out with and the GHD Peacock Collection is definitely my favourite so far.

The three individual limited editions are available in jewel colours;sapphire blue, amethyst purple and emerald green. I was lucky enough to get a pair of these in amethyst purple! I absolutely love my pair and will be showing you all the styles you can create in a review soon!
And as you can see from my Instagram photo that the straighteners also come in a gorgeous box too!

I love this collection and if you want a different and more unique pair of hair straighteners you need a pair of these now!

What do you think of this collection?


Andrea said...

they look so pretty!

i think i need a ghd one day..they seem to be the best :)

Just Another Shopaholic said...

How cute are they!

Anonymous said...

I think these might just be my favourite GHDs! So pretty!

DeeDee Louise said...

I do like GHDs i only wish they added a temperature gage so i can control the heat as i sometimes think they get too hot

Lucy Loves To Blog said...

I love all three, the colours are so beautiful!

Lucy Loves To Blog

Jess Heath MUFX said...

My GHDs were definately the best straightners I ever had...unfortunately I trod on them years ago and snapped them. I've never been able to replace them since so now use so Treseme ones, which are great..but I still long for my lost ghds.

Abbi said...

This is my favourite collection too, I love the way they've slightly altered the colour way but still kept the sleek black look of the classic gold styler. I would definitely get purple! xx

Unknown said...

I've just got the purple ones for my birthday, love them, the beep they make when you turn them on has changed and so has the button - i swear they just get prettier x

Char! said...

I love how GHD don't just stop with the amazing designed straighteners, they go all out with amazing cases and packaging too! love my GHDs xx

Nicola said...

I really want a pair of GHD's might get some next time mine break, i love them in purple, your very lucky(:

Thank you again about the soyourshoes competition, can't tell you how thrilled i am!

Annie said...

my favourite ever GHDs- wish I had some!:)xo

Memoirs of a Wardrobe said...

Argh - I'm so jealous - I'm in desperate need for a new pair. Mine are like 10 years old now!! They're clinging onto life!

Kate x

Rachella - said...

looks nice :D X

Rosie Cumberlidge said...

definitely no straightners can beat GHDs, I think I've been using them for 7 years now and couldn't live without them. The peacock ones are beaut, wish I had some!


Kim said...

These look amazing! Omg I kinda want mine to blow up so I can get these! no I don't because then I would be VERY poor :( They are lush though xx

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