Style Crush: Caroline Flack

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I know a lot of you probably don't like Caroline Flack because of when she was going out with One Direction's Harry Styles. But who could help but look at the fab style she has? I've really liked Caroline ever since her TMI days and think she's a great presenter! Her style is not very varied but at least she goes with what suits her!
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I think she's got a great sense of style and every time I see her on tv or photos of her at events I really want to go out wearing a playsuit and black ankle boots!
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At 32 she dresses so confidently and she's not afraid to show off her gorgeous figure! I love how she's found what suits her and is not afraid to wear a short dress and show off her pins at events! You see so many celebrities nowadays just wearing the same coloured evening gown over and over!

What do you think of Caroline's style? Do you think of Caroline Flack as a style icon?


Kim said...

Caroline is an absolute babe! LOVE her style. Not so sure about her dating a 17yr old but that's all over now ;) haha. Hope you're well beautiful :) xxxxx

Nicola said...

I adore her style, one of my favourite's and her hair is gorgeous too!

Anonymous said...

After seeing these pictures lined up I really noticed how much her style isn't varied. she really does always wear shorts and play suits. I lvoed her on TMI she was my favourite, tbf if you could get Harry at 32 I bet any one would go for it!

Violet said...

shes cute and very on point with her style. i would love to see her in full length pants or a gown!


Lucy said...

Love her style!!!
I love your blog I've read it since I saw it in Sugar magazine! Haha! Finally plucked up the courage to start my own blog! I've not wrote much yet but I'm really enjoying it!
anyway, thanks for the inspiration!
Lucy xx

Andrea said...

i like the last outfit :)

Claudia Kitten said...

I love her!
Claudia xxx

The Black Pearl Blog said...

I adore her style. Every time I watched x-factor I was thinking to myself- I want to own her wardrobe! :)

Anonymous said...

i LOVE!! ^^

AspirationsOfGlam said...

Shes a style icon. I wish i could masculine my looks up a little more like Caroline! Love her hair also.


Unknown said...

I've always loved Caroline's style! It's so lovely and every outfit she is pictured in I just want. Her ombre hair is also what got me loving that style! She also does not look 32, so pretty. I love this style crush haha xx

Unknown said...

I love the Flackers style, she always looks so effortless and comfortable, and if i had legs like that i'd get them out all the time as well, ;)

The Little Magpie said...

I actually am a little bit in love with the Flackster. Owning her wardrobe would be a dream haha xx

Unknown said...

There may not be too much variation on her style but it still rocks!

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Unknown said...

Love her style!!! I think it's great she has found her signature pieces and what works 4 her!

Great post !!!

Reyna @reynasblogxo said...

She has a lovely style! xx

Kristen said...

Besides her taste in men I can't think of one flaw she has! haha : )
Really though the girl has great style and she's gorgeous!

Joanne said...

I love her style, I worry about what I will be like at that age and if its appropriate to still dress a certain way and she really proves that you can!

Unknown said...

Very ture,
she goes with the style that suits her..!

Cat said...

Love Caroline, she has amazing style. :) xx

charlesdusty10 said...

Awesome costumes and awesome style.

LoveE ♥ said...

Haha I've never had a problem with her, but that's probably coz I don't like One Direction very much :P But OMG I never noticed, but her style is awesome!

jaisymarshal said...

All designs looks so trendy and awsume. The assecerioed also very attractive,Especially shoes . I like the first raw in last corner design.

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Audrey Leighton said...

Such amazing style..thanks for sharing these photos!
So much inspiration here!

Be Frassy

Unknown said...

I adore her style, one of my favourite's and her hair is gorgeous too!
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Unknown said...

OMG I love her so much <3

Anonymous said...

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