A day in London: Regis Salons & Look Magazine

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Making the trip to go to London is my favourite thing about blogging. Living up North you don't really get the chance to go and since I've started blogging and probably been to London about 20 times over the past two years!
Yesterday I made the trip to London again! I had two very exciting events to attend and I ended up having one of the best days I've had in a long time!
My camera wasn't liking me yesterday and then the batteries died so I ended up Instagramming photos when I could you can follow me by typing in fashiontrain!
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1 - An early morning start I was on the train at 7am! (I took this photo once I'd eaten my breakfast sub!)
2 - Topshop on Oxford Street - I think that Topshop has pride of place as it's the first thing you see when you walk up from Oxford Circus! I love having a browse everytime I go to London!
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3 - Never seen so much Barry M?! (This is in Topshop on Oxford St!)
4 - Arrived at Regis Salon Oxford Street for a special VIP day! It's the last photo you're all going to see me of being red for a while!
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5 - Big Brother presenter the gorgeous Emma Willis was having her hair done next to me!
6 - Lunch with Emma Willis and the Regis UK team and bloggers at the cumberland hotel doesn't this cheesecake look amazing?!
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7 - Lunch with Jules, Pippa & Debbie at the Cumberland Hotel!
8 - With the bestest shopping on Oxford Street me and She Wears Fashion love a bit of shopping! (and maccies!)
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9 - With Kavita on the way up to Look HQ (we're in a lift) wahoo!
10 - Red Velvet cupcakes at Look Magazine HQ (yumyum) She Wears Fashion loved eating these ;)
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11 - With one of my favourite bloggers Clare from Rainbows & Fairydust we've both changed a lot (hair wise) since we saw each other about two weeks ago!
12 - I think this is probably the nicest photo i've taken on my Iphone how gorgeous is this sunset?!
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13 - When me and Kavita were at the Look HQ we met Shore & Shope from London's Closet who were so lovely! We had a really good chat and can't wait to see these two again!
14 - Perfect train reading! I love getting my Look Magazine fix!

I had such an amazing day and It was totally worth getting the latest train for! I can't wait to go back on Thursday and see some more of the blogger girlies!

Thanks so much to Regis Salons & Look Magazine for inviting me! There'll be more photos up soon and they'll definitely be up on the Facebook Page! So much was happening yesterday I am sure I've missed out something!



Anonymous said...

Looks so fun! I love london!

Kim said...

can't believe you were hanging out with emma willis all day! you did not tel me this haha :D amazing! Lots of great events. can't wait to see you next week xxxxx

Jessicalaar said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time, I love taking trips to London, you can never be bored.

Jess x

Tia Aaliyah said...

Love your playsuit!! xx

Amy said...

Aww looks like you had fun!

I miss living in London sooo much!

Amy Xx

underthewillowtrees said...

Aw, sounds so fun. Red velvet cupcakes are just yum xx

PippaD said...

As I kept saying on Wednesday, your hair looks so fab! Glad you had a grand day too.

Droogette said...

Your hair looks fab, and it was so lovely to meet you at Look! :D xxxxx

Shannon Beer said...

Wow it looks like you had an amazing day, I love all the pictures!xx

siobhanmckenzie said...

Cheesecake looks incredible! Sounded like a great day! x

hannah rose said...

you are so lucky you get to go to all these events! how do you get invited to them all? i'd love to eventually get as good as you so i can go! xxxx

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