My Linzi Shoes Wishlist All Under £30

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm sure all of my regular readers will know by now how much I love shoes! I'm one of those people which if they like a pair of shoes they'll buy them in all the other colours too! (truth be told I have the same pair of shoes in 3 colours!) aah!
I'm a massive fan of Linzi Shoes! I absolutely love there latest arrivals. Especially their Chelsea Boots and Loafers!
Linzi Shoes
1. Dyanne in Red - £30
2. Dyanne in Purple - £30
3. Whitney in Black - £30
4. Whitney in Red - £30

These wedges I have in bright pink and I bought them a few months ago and they were featured in this previous post! I've lusted over a pair of Chelsea Boots for so long now but I've never got round to buying a pair, I am loving the red pair and If I bought the black pair I am sure they would go with everything!
Linzi Shoes
5. Esme - £25
6. Benjy - £22
7. Lolita in Leopard Ponyskin - £30
8. Lolita in Red - £30

I absolutely love this seasons 'loafer' trend and these leopard print and studded loafers are amazing! And also the 'creeper' trend too who else is loving the leopard print?!

What else I love about Linzi Shoes is that all these shoes are £30 and under so you can stay stylish on a budget!



Lily said...

The leopard creepers are so cool!

Nicola said...

I NEED number 5. I love linzi shoes and been lusting over these as i cant get my hands on the topshop ones.

Just found you blog, love it!

Sarah said...

after much debating whether i like creepers or not...i have finally decided that i really really love the leopard print ones, these are really good immitations!

ps i'm hositng a little giveaway if you fancy taking a look...

Carina said...

Love those creepers! Not sure if I could pull them off though :/

Those black studded loafers are great too! :)

Kim said...

Oh how have I not heard of this site before?! all UNDER £30?!!

Thank youuuuuu haha x

sweet monday

Unknown said...

Number 7. please! This is my favourite post! haha

such a good choice for a post!
so kool!

paintedREDDD said...

Love the Whitney in Red, and Esme!!!! SO CUTE!!!

xoxo, maria

Lowri said...

The creeper style shoes are awesome!

The Deer Head


Jenifer - Kitsch N Sync said...

I see the Linzi Chelsea boots online & planned on purchasing a pair, then found the same black ones in Primark for £15. Love Linzi, so love your post!

Jen x

pinkyliciousvita said...

chelsea boots are a must have

Claire said...

Never bought anything from Linzi Shoes before but those studded slippers look like a great alternative to the good ol' Vectras. Love the leopard print slippers too - there's actually some in Garage at the moment for even less (About £17 -£18?) that are kind of... hairy? Haha, really nice though.

EleanorAlice said...

oh my goodness, I have been looking for a pair like number 6 for ages!! Definitely getting my hands on those when the student loan comes in!!


Love alll of them!

xx A&K

Celebrity Style Tips said...

Great picks, loved no 3 and 5!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

So pretty! x hivennn

✗✗ said...

These are amazing shoes!! I will have to check these out!!


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Joanne said...

Love the boots, they have alot of nice shoes and good prices!

Rachella - said...

There are some really nice ones among them, and they are all so inexpensive :D X

Adele said...

Hey Becca, great post!

Flashes of Style said...

Loveee every single shoe! <3



Schnappy said...

Oh, I like ballerina shoes!:)

The Little Magpie said...

It's such a fab website, I love the burgundy creepers, they look amazing! xx

Daisy Carter said...

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Infashion Online said...

Nice look in couple shoes. all of looking good.
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Jacque said...

do you know if they ship to the US?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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