Style Crush: Ashley Madekwe

Monday, December 26, 2011

A few days ago I discovered Ashley Madekwe. I came across her in one of my recent magazines and loved her style, I googled her name and found so many photos of her wearing the most beautiful clothes!
Then I found her blog called Ringmybell. She's an actress who's been on a few British tv shows and is breaking it in America and she has a passion for fashion and writes a fashion blog! I love how in her posts she's wearing a lot of Topshop and a lot of pairs of shorts (an addiction of mine) Ashley has the hair length I'd love mine to be and she's mixed raced too. I've found my style icon.
Ashley Madekwe, Fashion, Ashley Madekwe Fashion, Ashley Madekwe Style
Ashley Madekwe, Fashion, Ashley Madekwe Fashion, Ashley Madekwe Style

I love how she wears a lot of stripey clothes too, and I own the shorts she has from Topshop in the last photo on the right! I love how her style is quite casual and elegant at the same time.
Ashley Madekwe, Fashion, Ashley Madekwe Fashion, Ashley Madekwe Style

*photos are from google, other internet source and from Ashley's blog ringmybell*

I love how her outfits are quite simple but look so good! What do you think of Ashley Madekwe?

Also, hope you've all had a fabulous christmas! Hope you have all got some really lovely gifts and that you've had a great day!



Angie | said...

she has such a huge forehead like me! :) i love her super long legs and sweet style. thanks for the inspiration share!

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Rachella - said...

some of them are so lovely! Merry christmas x

LoveE ♥ said...

One word: wow. She looks totally chic and absolutely gorgeous, such amazing outfits all around!

Sandra said...

Wow, indeed, she has a beautiful style!!! Don't know which one to pick! love all of them!!


Anonymous said...

OMG love her! Thanks for the share xxx

Ellie M said...

I love her, I started watching Revenge a while ago and she's in it. She's so gorgeous, lovely style too xx

Natasha said...

Wow, I love the way she dresses! I'd not heard of her before but I think I'll go off and google more of her outfits now. I hope you had a great Christmas! xxx

Julia Henderson said...

ooh i love her style! hope you had a wonderful christmas x

Shannon Beer said...

Already following her blog, love her style so much!x

Natasha said...

Same to you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! xxx

Sophie Isobel said...

Wow, I love her style!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)

Bohemian Fruit by Maru said...

que bella, adoro su estilo...
un beso

Tammy said...

I think she'd be a great style icon for you, love her style!
And I love the topshop striped shorts, think I may have I hunt some down on eBay if they don't start selling similar ones in the summer again!xoxo

mary elizabeth said...

looks like she has quite a big forehead :D

Unknown said...

As much as I can't stand her as a person.. I love Cher Lloyds style entry. I'm ashamed to say it!!

This girl is gorgeous though, I came across her recently too and can't help but like her - she has a contagious smile.

I think I'm falling in love haha


Unknown said...

Wow what a style! She looks really pretty and absolutely gorgeous, such a amazing photos! I like your blog.

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Dainté said...

ohh, love her style :) grat fashion icon !

Unknown said...

You should check her out in the new series (revenge) its set in the hamptons so awesome chic fashion

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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