How to wear: Leopard Print Leggings (part two)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A lot of you have contacted me since the How to wear Leopard Print Leggings post to tell me how good and helpful it was. When I wrote that post 'Leopard Print Leggings' weren't seen as the 'item' of clothing to wear. Ever since I bought my pair from Topshop I've seen them everywhere since.
So I thought I'd do another post with different items of clothing I've been wearing my leopard print leggings with! (wahoo!)
Outfit One: T-shirt

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T-shirt - New Look
Leggings - Topshop

How to wear: Wear this outfit with a grey zip up hoody and a pair of flat black shoes (I like to wear black Toms!) or wear it with a jumper and a pair of military boots (and thick socks too!)
Outfit Two: The Massive Jumper

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Jumper - Topshop (last year)
Leggings - Topshop

How to wear: Wear this outfit with a snood (if it's super cold outside) and a long sleeved top underneath (probably white or black) and wear it with socks and a pair of ankle boots in black or grey!
Outfit Three: The Logo T-shirt

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T-shirt - New Look
Leggings - Topshop

How to wear: Wear this outfit with a plain coloured cardigan of a thick knitted cardi to keep you warm in this weather! buy a t-shirt like this a couple of sizes too big (I think mines a 14!) to cover up your bum. You can wear this outfit with a plain zip up hoody too. The ideal shoes would be dark coloured toms/sneakers or ankle boots!

These are just a few ways I wear my Leopard print leggings as so many people find them really hard to wear but would LOVE to wear them!
How would you wear a pair of leopard print leggings?


Jacque said...

Outfit 3 is my it!

Lily said...

Love the leggings with the jumper :)

Eloise said...

Number 2 is my fave, love the oversized jumper. I wish I could pull off some legings like this!


kirbyat said...

They look adorable with the jumper in outfit 2!! xx

Jadinexo said...

Love the leggings and the jumper together!

Lauren Ashleigh said...

great post, i want a pair!

Anonymous said...

love them all especially number 2!

Andrea said...

nice the second!

Loretta said...

I've been looking for a pair of leopard printed tights for literally forever. I wished we had a topshop here where I live!x

Marianna Papagiannopoulou said...

I love the second option!!!!

Me and Moustaches said...

I really want to get some but was unsure of how to wear them! But now, I am definetley going to try them on and see if I can get away with them :)

Anonymous said...

Massive jumper is my fav, I love these leggings, I'm in need of more leopard print! :) x

Erika said...

beautiful outfits! i love the second one

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Lookbook said...

Nice pics! I really like the massive looks comfy and warm, the antidote for winter weather :D
Look Book Fashion

Wardrobe To My Life said...

The 2nd look is my favorite, love that jumper and the leggings! :)



NancyTang0403 said...

this is so helpful! love the outfits! definitely following your blog! hopefully you can follow mine too :)

Fashion and Musings said...

Hey can I ask, how were you able to choose ' Personal Blog' on facebook, what category is it under. Much appreciated :)

xoxo Jane

Mymymode said...

Nice post, it's true that leopard leggins are not easy to wear! Love the 3rd one the most =)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh thanks for this post and your nice collection
LOVE the your site!

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