Christmas Gift Ideas for your boyfriend or brother!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I know what you're thinking. Christmas gift ideas it's not even december! I say it's better to be prepared with these things!
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You probably think Chinos have been around for months now, but guys do need a pair or two of them in their lives. It's a great look going out as It shows he's a stylish guy! All he needs is a band t-shirt and vans and he's sorted!
You're probably thinking these cost a lot but each of these pairs of chinos are only £35 each! Check out the men's chinos at Bank now!
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Another option is converse! I think most guys have a couple of pairs of these but they'll always be a really good present and at least you know they'll make good use of them if you buy them a pair of Converse! All these pairs are between £35-£50 so they are not over expensive either!
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My last idea is a T-shirt. Superdry Tee's are known for to be stylish and at about £20 a tee they are reasonably priced too! I've got some Superdry clothes and I've never come across such comfortable clothing! These t-shirt's are great especially if your brother/boyfriend already has a pair of chinos they go perfectly!

These are just a few christmas gift ideas I'm hoping to do more posts like this the closer it gets to christmas! I tend to buy my christmas present around now (even though it's not december!) because it's about getting all your christmas shopping over and done with!

What are you getting your Brother this christmas? Are you getting your boyfriend anything special?



Cherry said...

Ahh great wishlist, unfortunately I don't think my boyfriend would wear/use any of this, he's so difficult to choose for!

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

I find it SUPER difficult to shop for the guys in my life. My brother likes clothes though, so that's a plus. Thanks for the ideas!

Jenna Hughes said...

i really like the colored pants. knowing my brother he would enjoy them too! thanks for following my blog :)

Jadinexo said...

I wish my boyfriend wore chinos :( I have no idea what to get him this christmas!

Anonymous said...

Chinos are on my brother's Xmas wish list. He lives in them lol! Great idea for a post :)

Ria said...
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Ria said...

I'll be getting my brother some t-shirts...Boys are sooo easy to please, no?
Great list!

hello said...

Like the tees a lot. Great blog!!check out my blog(:

Claire said...

Thanks for your lovely comment - good luck with your offers too :) These are some great gift ideas - guys are ridiculously hard to buy for!

Bicks said...

This is always my worst nightmare at christmas, thankfully my brother is easy to buy for but male friends i always struggle with. the superdry tees are a great idea! xx

Shahrukh said...


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Anonymous said...

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