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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the opening of a new TK Maxx store in Warrington which is not too far away from where I live! I've never been to a store opening before but the buzz when one is opening is mad!
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Considering the store was due to open at 9am I got there for about half 8. I was near to the front of the queue which was good! The queue was massive about 10 minutes later!
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They had all the important people to do with the store outside waiting for the store to open. They cut the ribbon and celebrated by giving the customers who walked in first chocolate! (yumyum)
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(It was so busy considering its about 10 past 9 in the morning when I took this photo!)
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A few things caught my eye when I walked into the store. There was a gorgeous collection of scarves and I really loved this top...
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I really loving all things embellished at the moment! Lucky enough I had a £10 gift card for being one of the first 100 people through the door! (yay!)

Have you ever been to a TK Maxx store opening?


VictoriasProcrastinationProject said...

I haven't been in TK Maxx for a while! I should probably give it another go - love the beaded green top!

The Style Box said...

I think TK Maxx is having a hard time shedding it's position as a place to get ratty last season clothes. They seem to be showing a lot of adverts recently about how fantastic it is and how everything is current season.
I've always been a fan though, it just takes patience. If you've got the time to sift through the rails you can find some total gems! And I love some of the quirkier stuff they get that you wouldn't usually find on the British high street :)
Glad you had a nice time, and lucky you, chocolate and free money! Perfect! :) x

Jadinexo said...

The TK Maxx where I live is horrible. There's always clothes on the floor and always so messy. I wish there was a nice one close by!

julianne. said...

i haven't been to store opening ever.
but this one looks like a lot of fun.
the scarves and that top looks unbelievably gorgeous!

Violet said...

so cool i would love to go to a store opening. wish i could have seen photos of what you wore that night.

Vi from Cali

Anonymous said...

how exciting! We have the same thing here called TJ Maxx and I find some of the best things there!

XO Sahra

Hannah said...

no way do you live near warrington! i live near there too!xxx

Julia Henderson said...

that top is absolutely beautiful! tk maxx always have some lovely hidden gems xxx

Abby-Lee said...

I love tk maxx, its so exciting! xx

Schnappy said...

Cool market!! You are very lucky!!:)

Bicks said...

We have a Tk maxx where I live. It looks like a totally different shop to this one. It's so messy in there and cluttered that I try to avoid it. If it were as nicely layed out and well presented as this one I'd probably be in there quite often.
Abigail xx

Melissa said...

love the scarf and embellished t-shirt!
melissa xxx

Anonymous said...

I've always been a fan of TKMAXX I love routing through clothes in jumble sales, vintage shops, charity shops etc so its no wonder I feel at home in there!
I love when you get freebies like that for being one of the first!

Snapshots of a Northerner

Anonymous said...

I love to buy clothes too, I was in that place, that day buying some safemeds and when i was about to leave i saw the adds about the selling... and i just couldn't resist to go and buy, i spend all day in there and i buys like 3 pants, 2 dresses and like 8 blouses.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh thanks for this post and your nice collection
LOVE the your site!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice blog
Really want to go! But too much Uni Work

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