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Monday, July 04, 2011

I never really do posts about things in my life daily about things which have happened recently so I thought i'd do one...
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I was very proud of this ^^^ It's the first time I tried a fishtail plait! I learnt from a youtube video and it's worked so well. Love love love this hairstyle!
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I'm currently reading the Elle A/W Edit I love it when Elle does these issues!
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My nails are currently a purple Models Own colour with Barry M black crackle nail polish on top!
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My rings of today. I love wearing chunky rings and these are from (left-right Asos, Asos & Dorothy Perkins)
I get quite a lot of emails asking what I do at college and which fashion courses I do and so on and so forth. Here's a mood board I made a few weeks ago and the designs I did from it!
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I seem to be wearing these a lot lately! they are so so so comfy with a pair of jeggings!
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My bargain I'm very proud of I snapped it up for £11 from Tu @ Sainsburys. (still can't believe it!) I think it's great when you get the bargains which look 3 times there actual price yay!

What do you love lately?

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Unknown said...

Love your hair :D x

Michelle Loreto said...

Oh, the fishtail plait's gorgeous! I really wish I could do one but, sadly, my hair is nowhere near long enough. Can't wait for it to grow more!

x Michelle |

Rachael x said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! xo

Adele said...

You should do a tutorial for the braid!


Paige Rhianne said...

I love your hair i've been trying so long to recreate a fish tale plait. I love your rings too very cute.

Rory said...

Your hair is too adorable ^^

ChantelleKBeauty said...

fab bikini! and love your hair!! X

NenaTH said...

you should do a tutorial on the braid <3, the first time i tried a fishtail braid it was a mess lol, it still is haha

i have that kind of magazine but different, mine is in Norwegian and it's elle shopping ,1000+, and i love it <3, what kind of magazine is that i haven't seen it here, is it runway pictures ?

love the nails!, i still haven't tried crackle nail polish lol

the pink ring is so pretty!

love the designs!

cute shoes and bikini!

Rianna said...

Fab nails and amazing rings

Rianna xxxx

Anonymous said...

gorgeous hair, I have too short hair to do it...! I would grow my hair longer but I get fed up with growing it... *sigh*

I'm loving my new hair colour and fearne cotton-inspired haircut, as per usual...!

Thanks for the comment on my blog!
Julia @ Retro Jules

Julia Henderson said...

i love doing fishtail plaits, my hair is too short at the moment but i also did them when my hair was longer! that bikini is really pretty xxx

Ria said...

I've been pouring over that Elle runway edit too :) can't wait for the new season and well done on the fish tail braid! No matter how hard I try I can't do it lol

Life At Victoria House said...

I love Tu at sainsburys and f&f at tesco's :) I think some of their stuff is lovely! xxx

melissa ♥ said...

the mood board and the designs are amazing, i love elle magazine : ) also thanks for commenting on my blog!
melissa xxx

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

WOW; amazing swimsuit!


Fashion Fractions

Beth said...

The fishtail plait is great! They look super simple but cute.

What a bargain bikini!

Natalie said...

i love the fishtail!!! I really adore the rings (:

Unknown said...

Ahhhh your blog is so cute and I love your header image :)

I love fishtail braids but my hairs not long enough yet for me to do them :( It looks lovely on you though!

My mum's picking me up the new issues of Elle today, yay :)

Gem x

Zaina said...

Loving the fishtail plaitt I can never to them right! & your design board is cool, I like the back detail your working. You should do more posts like this :)

ggoodrich said...

Whew! I love the nail polish that you've just put on. It's a perfect match for a purple dress. Speaking about purple dress, I saw a unique one in a men tuxedos online boutique and the dress is so cute!

Radiant Make Up said...

your fishtail braid looks great - I'm waiting for my hair tog row as it's not quite long enough to do one :)
& your fashion mood board looks amazing - I'd love to see more!! x

eliza said...

I love that fishtail! I wish my hair was long enough :(

Your nails looks great!


M said...

love the nails!!!!!
see you soon xo


Leya said...

so cute! =)
following you, your blog is fun!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

the fish tail plait is wicked!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice blog
Really want to go! But too much Uni Work

OMR said...

Definitely the last one!! Love it :) xxx

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