The Hollyoaks Music Show

Saturday, July 23, 2011

There a few things I really didn't think would happen when I first started writing this blog, one of them was to be on Tv, going behind the set of one of the biggest tv soaps in the country Hollyoaks and meeting lots of famous people!
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A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited down to The Hollyoaks Music Show. It was a really memorable day and I had so much fun! I was with two other bloggers which were Emma from Whatemmadid & Sara from Saraluxe. I read both their blogs a few times before and they were so so lovely to meet in person!
My day was a long one, I left my house at about 20 past seven that morning and caught a train to Liverpool with a Macdonalds tea in hand!
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Outside the pub called Dog in the Pond with Emma & Sara.
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On the set of Hollyoaks! Eeeeeek exciting!
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Pulling pints in Chez Chez.
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Some of the many Matalan clothes backstage!
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Chilling in the Mcqueen's kitchen!
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Watching new hip-hop group Six D perform!
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In the SU Bar!
But probably the coolest and the worst photo of the day was when I met rapper Mann, you know the one who sings the very catchy tune Buzzin?
I was pretty much starstruck and I thought when am I ever going to see him again? So I just had to have a photo, sadly only one was taken and I didn't realise how bad the lighting was! So yes I look pale...
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On the day we saw Wonderland, SixD and Mann and lots of the Hollyoaks cast!
The members of the cast which I met were so lovely and easy to talk too. But yes If you're not from the UK you won't know what Hollyoaks is but it's very big in England. So if you're in England and you are reading this post before 9.30am you can catch me on tv on CHANNEL 4 on the Hollyoaks music show & 10.30am on channel 4+1 and anytime over the next few weeks on 4OD.
I'm nervous to what it looks like on tv as I've not seen it yet, but let me know if you catch me on tv and let me know what you think!

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Anonymous said...

Wow looks like you had an awesome time - its so weird seeing the set with no characters haha

ps if you saw my denim shorts collection you would retract that statement ;)

Little Humble Fashion Abode

Grace said...

Amazing photos!

Cherry said...

I just caught the last ten minutes of the show and saw you dancing on the bed, haha. It looks like you had a great time!

Luca said...

Wonderful blog!

Start dreaming on

Unknown said...

How exciting! Looks like you had a fab time :)

Julia Henderson said...

wow what an amazing opportunity, so jealous! xxx

Just Another Shopaholic said...

How exciting!
Love the photos!!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

oh wow that must have been an amazing experience! you are right, i don't know what it is! although i watch bbc pretty frequently! but that is the only english channel i have

The Owl Diary said...

i LOVE your outfit. ♥

style point said...

cool pics xxxxx

Unknown said...

Awesome pictures Becca!
come have a look at my blog when you like ;)


Marianna Papagiannopoulou said...

Hey, beautiful!
I love the photos!
Nice and simple outfit!

aimeee said...

looks so much fun! im very jealous :P x

Redischic said...

nice look dear!


Anonymous said...

<3 your blog i followed x

Juli Photo Diary said...




style point said...

cool piCS XXXX

Issy said...

You were so lucky to go! Nice pictures :D xox

Andrea said...

amazing pics! love your shorts and rings :)

Marella said...

Super cute pics dear!

Alex said...

I saw u on the show watchin mann! u look great xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice blog
Really want to go! But too much Uni Work

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