Friday Fashion with Meggie: Festival Style

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hi guyssssss! How is everyone today? 'It's Friday, friday....''- bad song but fitting for today! So, I thought since it's festival season I would do a little festival inspired outfit for you dudes- hence the wellies (NOT my usual shoe choice haha)
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''skirt'' I'm wearing is from Topshop and is actually a dress- so turning it into a skirt definitely means it was worth the money, yay for adaptable clothes! Since there is so much happening on the skirt I simply added a little black bandeau from Republic and voila the top half is done.
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Then add my funky red wellies from some garden centre in the middle of nowhere (which are SO comfy -wore them to V-Fest last year- it's like walking on candy floss) and the outfit is complete. Stylish, comfortable and festival chic.
Enjoy your Friday- I'm off to the pub for some dinner with my good ol' Granny!
Peace xx


Unknown said...

I love this!!! Especially with the red wellies!! :)

Gem x

Loretta said...

gorgeous skirt!

Hannah said...

love the skirt, and the bandeau looks great with it xo


Louise.sugarsnap said...

Hey, i love this look, the skirt looks amazing,
please could you follow my blog, it wwould mean alot to me

Cherry said...

I really love the skirt!

VictoriasProcrastinationProject said...

I'm loving orange at the moment!

Italian Vogue Rocks! said...

I LOVE the layout of this page! It looks so sweet and fresh! I really like what this girl is wearing, too! Nice job!

MJLSTYLE. said...

love that skirt, looks so nice!


Temporary:Secretary said...

amazing style x

Starry-eyed Kisses said...

Love the dress/skirt!

styris said...

Meggie wear very attractive skirts and Dress. It's totally new Style. Actually, It's an Dress but Meggie wear as an skirt. It's look great.
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Zaina said...

Am in love with maxi skirts atm. love this outfit!

Ninja said...

oh wow what a lovely outfit! I love the carelessness of it all. And the maxi skirt (oh how I wish that I had the body to wear one...). :)

xxx Irinja (

Anonymous said...

Hi Becca, you look so good and I love your red Wellingtons.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice blog
Really want to go! But too much Uni Work

OMR said...

Hi Becca, you look so good and I love your red Wellingtons.

OMR said...

I love them! The top left hand corner one is my favourite!

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