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Monday, July 18, 2011

It's getting that time of year again when you are all trying to find that bikini to take on your summer holiday! I'm currently loving the Swimwear, especially the Bikinis available at Freemans!

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First Bikini is in the sale here. I love the pattern and it looks like it'd be a great bikini for those of you with a smaller bust!
The second Bikini is gorgeous! I absolutely love the red spotty pattern it's only £38!
The third Bikini is also £38 you can take a look at this s.Oliver Underwired Floral Bikini at Freemans.
The last bikini is a stripey one which is only £30!
Which is your favourite bikini?

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Anonymous said...

I love the 2nd and 3rd sets! Gorgeous!
I actually have a huge problem finding a bikini to fit, so those two will probably be the solution for me!

Julia @ Retro Jules

kristianna said...

I like the third one best! I love bikinis that are just like real underwear haha x

Unknown said...

I have the worst trouble finding bikinis that fit because I'm quite small on bottom but have a large bust so I have to make sure the top is bra-sized and not clothes-sized, if that makes sense?! It annoys me more than anything cos there are so many super cute sets that are cheap that are clothes-sized!

Unknown said...

I love the first and last one! I'm actually going on holiday next month so I definitely need to buy some more bikinis :)

Gem x

Loretta said...

I love the floral one!

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