Festival Fashion Week: Day Seven & Hunter Wellies Competition!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Battle of the Floral Shorts!
I think a pair of floral shorts is needed for the festivals this summer, maybe a couple of pairs?! They instantly update an outfit and look great worn with plain vest tops. i've purchased a few pairs in the coming months and thought i'd post about them all as they are all different styles and patterns and would all be fab to wear at festivals this summer!
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These Womens Multi Black Multi Print Low Waist Shorts are from Desire Clothing! Every pair of short on Desire Clothing's site is UNDER £25! and fashion-train readers can enjoy 10% off everything too, by typing 'fashiontrain' at the checkout!
So yes a pair of shorts for under £15? What more could you ask for?! I love this pair of shorts as the pattern is so vibrant and unusual and is just like a pair worn by Rihanna! You can check out the shorts here. I'm wearing mine with a dark blue vest top from Topshop. The colours go so well together and I can't wait to wear these shorts a lot more this summer!
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I'm wearing a pair of Matalan floral shorts, with a Topshop Vest top, H&M leggings & Hunter Wellies from Kiki's Boutique.
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Lately i've gone mad for Hunter Wellies! I bought this pair from Kiki's Boutique. They are such a gorgeous pink and they really are a great alternative to the typical green pair of wellies. I love colourful wellies so much right now, I just had to have a pair!
ALSO... Kiki's Boutique are giving fashion-train readers a chance to win the ULTIMATE festival survival pack and you can enter Here.
These Papaaya Print Cullotes were only £8 which I picked up whilst in my local Matalan store. They were such a good price I couldn't leave them in the shop! I love how these are longer in length compared to my other shorts and how after festival season is over, they'll look great with a black body, tights & heels on a night out (yay!)
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I'm wearing these Motel Peach Ethel Shorts from Ark Clothing who have such a great collection of Motel Clothing which you should check out!
I really like these short as the pattern of them is very striking, if your a girl who likes to stand out from the crowd, these are the shorts for you! They are a good price at only £31 too. (yay!) and for all you girlies with a small waist (like me) Motel Rocks shorts are perfect for you! They fit right on the waist and show off small waists so well with a zip and two buttons at the front of all there pairs of shorts!
I'm a massive fan of these wellies right now, they are a great colour and go with literally every festival outfit i've had for this weeks feature! i'll be taking them away with me this summer and they were such a good price for Hunter Wellies too, at only £65.
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This pair of floral shorts is from They are a gorgeous floral pattern and would look great dressed up or down!
These Thea Pleated Front Floral Shorts were only £15 so they are not breaking the bank either! (wahooo) I think they are fab worn to the festivals with plain vest tops, knee high socks & wellies, like mine from Kiki's Boutique. And whilst your on holiday they can be worn with gladiator sandals and bare legs!

What do you think of floral shorts? Do you have a pair? Will you be buying a pair this summer?

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ruby said...

All the floral shorts are amazing and so are the hunters! <3

Catherine Au Jong said...

very much love the colors and flowers!


Just Another Shopaholic said...

Love the Hunters!!

TheOtherSideofCool said...

I don't have any yet but I do love floral shorts. They really brighten up any outfit and are so fun and stylish.

I love all of yours, they look really great, espcially the first pair! xxx

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LADYPLAY said...

cute blog :)

Unknown said...

Hi Becca,Your floral Shorts,Tights and purple Rubber Wellingtons combination is so cool, love it.


Life At Victoria House said...

I dont think I even own this many pairs of shorts :) I love the Ark clothing ones the most! <3

melissa ♥ said...

i love the boots, they go so well with the dress :)

Kim Axani said...

I love those boots!! Paired with that tank top you look adorable!

Vale ♥ said...

Love the pink Hunter boots ! And the shorts, you're too cute ! :) Kisses

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Rachel said...

Ahh I have those hunter wellies they are goregous! Was very nifty with mine and managed to bag them from TK Maxx for £30 i was followed around the shop with women waiting to put them down. I also have leopard print welly warmers to go inside them... lush!

fashion provocateur said...

love love you look great love the first pair1!

fashion provocateur

mummycat111 said...

You look wonderful in those colours and I yum yum those wellies.. I live on a small holding and havent got a 'good' pair. These would be ideal

alexandra grecco said...

adorable, miss ; )


Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Loveee this outfit, the floral shorts rock! Great style as usual miss

t said...

Hot Hunters!

Pinecone Stew said...

Have a SUPER week, Becca !

Beth said...

All the shorts are gorgeous - especially love the first ones! I have them Hunters - love them and cant wait for festivals to wear them


Anonymous said...

The boots look lovely! You've dressed them up really well xx

Cait said...

I think my favourite pair of shorts are the 2nd (from Matalan) but all the patterns are bright and fun! :)

retourtje wereld said...

this is an amazing blog. <3

Cherry said...

Floral shorts are really cute, I have a pair from Matalan, it's a nice change from wearing a patterned/floral top.

Violet said...

i like the shorts great for the upcoming summer

Vi from Cali

Schnappy said...

Cool boots!:)

Moira said...

Oh so bright! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice blog
Really want to go! But too much Uni Work

RVP said...

Muy guapa maja para ir de festival. Que pena esas Hunter tan relucientes, van a acabar de barro hasta los tobillos!

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