Festival Fashion Week: Day Four + win a £50 Matalan Voucher!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Day Four of Festival Fashion Week (wahoo!) and i'm glad everyone is liking the posts so far! This is the sort of casual outfit you can wear all through summer and it's great when your going to festivals too!
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I'm wearing a stripey crop top from Matalan which was £10, Topshop shorts which were £28 and black leggings from H&M and my necklace is from Cutie Pie.
I like this outfit as it's very comfortable and still stylish and when it's cold i'd put on a rain coat. I was going to buy a floral festival one from Matalan but they only had it in (XL) when I needed a medium!
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These are probably a serious festival MUST have Hunter Wellies, mine are from and I absolutely love them! They are such a great colour and after seeing Hunter wellies on all the celebrities for the past few years they are a must for this years festivals!
I really love the colour and they are really comfortable to wear too!
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This is one of my favourite necklaces right now and it's from Cutie Pie!
The bird cage opens and there's a bird inside! It's a fab necklace and goes with literally every outfit!
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I decided to buy some Barry M crackle nail polish and i've tried it out with a few different colours now and it looks amazing. If you want to have funky nails and not pay for a manicure Barry M is the perfect buy! (my nails are currently hot pink & crackle nail polish by Barry M in Black)
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Here's your chance to win a £50 Matalan voucher!
Matalan are currently celebrating the launch of their new summer tv ad (yay!) and they are giving fashion-train readers a chance to win a £50 voucher!
Perfect for some of your festival fashion buys this summer!

All you have to do is:

1. Follow Fashion-Train via Blogspot.
2. Follow Fashion-Train & Matalan via Twitter and tweet:
'follow @fashiontrain & @matalan for a chance to win a £50 Matalan Voucher'
3. Like Fashion-Train on Facebook and write on my wall why you'd like to win the £50 voucher!
4. Alternatively you can enter by commenting on this blog post with why you'd like this £50 voucher and what you would buy with it.

Competition is open to all UK readers and ends on the 24th June 2011!

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softkiss51 said...

Following fashion train blog, tweeting and following @fashion train and @matalan on twitter as @sweetkat30
Would love the voucher to buy a new dress and shoes for the summer!

ilikebiscuits2k11 said...

Hey! Ummm so I'd love the win the voucher. I'd buy some stuff for summer- some cute floral dresses, maybe a satchel as they're everywhere and look so stylish and prep up an outfit, and also I LOVE THOSE TAN LACE UP HEELS. (in the festival fashion section.

I've also just stated a blog- maybe check it outttt? haha casual
:) x

Julia Henderson said...

i've done everything :) it ends one day after my birthday what a good birthday present that would be ;)
i would love to win the voucher because matalan have stuff such stock that would be perfect for summer and especially festivals when i go to reading! i love the horse print playsuit and also the feather and jewel sandals are really pretty! :)


Ellie..♥ said...

Great giveaway!
Would love to win so i could get some new clothes and bikins for my holiday next month :D
following you on here and face book :)

ellie oxoxoxox

ninjabunnyz said...

Would love to get some new bikinis and sun dresses!

Claire - Who What Claire Blog said...

Hey lovely, such a great comp and I lvoe your outfit! Especially the Hunters. I spotted a purple pair in TKMaxx but sadly none in my size, boo :(

I've tweeted @c_sittingpretty and also commented on the FB page!

I'd use the voucher to buy some bikinis for my hols, and a pair of shoes to go with my graduation dress!


Jenna Parrington - Chic Geek Diary said...

Love the post. I so want some crackle polish!

I have followed the blog, tweeting as @missjennakate and have also entered via facebook.

I would love to win the vouchers because I am well overdue some new threads! I am still wearing my black winter clothes! I spend a fortune on bills, the other half and on vet bills so can't treat myself very often! xx

Andrea said...

you look your boots :)

Charli blogs said...

Done all of the above!
charli james
I would love the £50 voucher because you can get sooo much in matalan for that!! x

Steph & The Spaniels said...

Loving your festival fashion- I am a keen festival goer- although I've always camped. So I'm going to V this year, just for the day! Actually looking forward to looking immense for that one day, haha

I have tweeeted about the comp, and already follow you both. Thank you for holding it, this really excites me. I think Mataln is great, the be beau section is my fav, and the shoes & bags always look right on key too.
I'm looking to go to Paris, so I'm saving all my money for that at the moment. I would, however, like some gorgeous clothes to go with & look amazing. This is why I'd LOVE to win this competion

my email is (didn't know if you needed it)

NenaTH said...

haha when i saw the picture of the necklace up close i was like WOAH big necklace then i saw that it wasn't i actually really really like it!,

i really love your festival fashion!

thanks for the comment on my blog!

InesT said...

Love those boots! :)
Thank you for sharing <3

Follow me, if you still aren't ;)
and subscribe to my YT :P
Have a fashionable day! <3
IT *

Oh My Style said...

Cute wellies! <3

I really have to get some of that nail vanish!! it looks so cool!

mary louise said...

i love the necklace and nails!

Charlotte Beecham said...

I love your blog, your style and vibe are great. please check mine out. if you like it please folllow me back

Becky said...

I love your hunters and the nail polish!!! Cute outfits as usual :)

Wendy Lu said...

I absolutely LOVE your outfit!!! Super cute. And I've been meaning to try out crackle polish, I think it looks really awesome. :) Loving the Festival so far!

Sadly I don't have Twitter :( Good luck to everyone who participates in the contest though!!


MadeByJulietta said...

Your outfit is perfect for festivals :) whilst looking fun & girlie x

Rachella - said...

Those boots are fabulous.I need a pair of wellingtons myself! :) X

Unknown said...

You look amaze! Your wellies are fab... I had some cheap ones from Topshop at Reading Fest last summer and the sole fell off on one of them on the Saturday so investing in a decent pair is definitely worth it! XO

Roxanne said...

Hey :)
I would like to win the vouchers because im going on holiday in a month and a halfs time and i actually have no summer clothes. I havent been able to afford to buy anything as yet because my brother has just had a baby and i cant stop spoiling her!! I desperatly need some holiday items and i know matalan have some great summer styles.
I would really appreciate winning the vouchers! It would be a load off my mind and i can still spoil my perfect niece! :) x x

Dej said...

Great giveaway-I follow with GFC and twitter (@dejanestpas). I'm to Chicago in a few months and would love to use these vouchers to buy the cherry print playsuit. I would look so cool in the city.

legs21 said...

Would love to get some new bikinis and sun dresses @handbag2000

fritha louise said...

I'd love to win the £50 voucher so I could get myself new beachwear for my summer holiday!

fritha louise said...

I've tweeted too (@frithalouise)

Anonymous said...

LOVE your Hunter wellies! Not seen them in that colour until now. I wish i was going to a fes :(

Great giveaway btw. I love Matalan, I have one right near my house and i'm constantly buying from there. I love it when people ask me "where's that from?" then seeing the shock on their face when i say Matalan hehe.

There's so much i'd want to buy but i'd deffo spend it all in the Be Beau range. LOVE IT!

(btw I've tweeted you from my personal account jillyarmeen incase the other Wardrobe girls want to enter).

Sunny x

Stephanie Gauthier-Bujold said...


Enter me please!

1. Follow as MsBUbu
2. Follow as @MsBubu26 and tweeted:!/MsBubu26/status/83541954788470784
3. Like as Stephanie Gauthier b(...) and wrote.
4. I would like to win the Matalan voucher because who wouldn't like to have money to buy clothes! I would like a jumpsuit, I saw in Fabulous that Matalan has some nice ones!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great competition!!

1. I'm following Fashion-Train via Blogspot and GFC.

2. I'm following Fashion-Train & Matalan via Twitter and have tweeted:
'follow @fashiontrain & @matalan for a chance to win a £50 Matalan Voucher' @TracyNixon

3. I have liked both Fashion-Train and Matalan on Facebook and shared the comp and written my reason for wanting to win a £50 voucher!

4. I have also repeated my entry here....
I would simply love to win a £50 Matalan voucher with Fashion-Train simply because, as a single mum to 6 children under 7 - any spare cash I do save is always spent on my children! I'm 36, and after having managed to regain my former size 4 figure, I have very little new clothes to show it off!!! I'm single so I need to show it off in order to gain a man!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice blog
Really want to go! But too much Uni Work

OMR said...

Really want to go! But too much Uni Work

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