Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yes it's getting to that time of year again this time next week (Sunday 19th June) is Father's Day, y'know the time of year you need to buy your Dad a present and show your appreciation of him (not like you don't do it everyday!) but as there's a Mother's Day there's got to be a Father's Day.
I always wondered why there isn't a Daughter's Day, Son's Day, Siblings Day?!
But yes it's the time to the year you need to buy your Dad a present, preferably not the same as you didn't at christmas (yes no more socks!)
With the help from Matalan i've put together some gift ideas which don't break the bank and are all under £20!
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1. Pack of two ties - £5, 2. 247 short sleeve polo £12, 3. 7 Pack of Hankerchiefs - £4, 4. Denim 73 Badge Check Shirt - £16 and 5. Guiness Slippers - £6.

I know not all countries who are reading this post have a fathers day, but if you do when's yours? What do you do celebrate Father's Day? What have you bought your Dad this year?

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Wendy Lu said...

In America our Father's Day is June 19th, I think. ^_^ I'm getting my dad a wine rack. Haha I laughed when you said (yes no more socks!!) because socks are a big thing with my parents. I try to mix my gifts up every year but at some point I give them socks. XD

Even though I don't live in the UK, I am loving these prices! Two ties for 5 pounds? Awesome!

This was a great post, Becca. :) Definitely different from your usual.


Lowri said...

Lol.. my dad already has those slippers! Hate buying for men, they're such a nightmare!

great picks though!


Unknown said...

Haha, this is quite a random post but very helpful! x

Cherry said...

Really helpful post! I think my dad just wants a CD for father's day, as usual!

Mickele said...

This is just what i needed! thankyou so much :)

moony said...

Exactly what I needed... I'm never prepared for Fathers Day but I am now :)

NenaTH said...

i feel really bad that i don't know when father's day is XD but i have bought him a gift for father's day before i just don't remember when it is :S

i really want a daughter's day lol!

M said...

lovely ideas! thanks for sharing :)


ronan said...

ooh fab ideas! sounds great because i'm so poor atm. although my sister came up with an idea to make a photo montage of a picture of me and my siblings holding up we love you dad cards :) i think the check shirts might be nice too! ronan x

The Clothes Maiden said...

great choices! :)

Jen said...

Great gift ideas sweetie! And those slippers? Yeah, I think my brother would love a pair!! ;-)

Happy Monday! xo

Rand T said...

I think am getting flowers or cake hahah!xx

Rand T said...

I think am getting flowers or cake hahah!xx

Schnappy said...

Cool gifts, I would get my father 5. and 1. gifts!:)

OMR said...

Really want to go! But too much Uni Work

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