Fabulously British: The Top 10

Thursday, April 28, 2011

With such a big day happening tomorrow. Britain's really in the limelight. Everyone's looking forward for the Royal Wedding! But really, what makes us Britains proud to be British?
I suppose as soon as you say Britain and Fashion you think...
1. Kate Moss - A supermodel, a fashion icon, who's put denim shorts onto the fashion radar through her collections with Topshop.
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2. The Beatles. probably the most iconic british band ever, who doesn't know a Beatles tune?
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3. Alexa Chung - fashion icon and tv presenter in the UK & now USA.
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4. Vivienne Westwood - Fashion Designer
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5. Girls Aloud - Pop Group
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6. The Spice Girls - Biggest girls band of the 90's.
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7. Fearne Cotton - Author, Presenter, Model, Radio One DJ what doesn't she do? She's also a woman who most young teenagers look up to as there style icon as she's known for her quirky dress sense.
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8. Cheryl Cole - X-factor presenter, Fashion Icon, 1/5 of girls aloud & Solo Artist.
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9. Alexander Mcqueen - Fashion Designer, R.I.P
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10. Kate Middleton - Soon to be princess Kate.
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Are you proud to British? If your not from the UK what reminds you of Britain?

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Rebecca said...

I love being British! such a great post xx

Anonymous said...

aww what a cute post! I would love to go to britain one day :)

Fashion Gossip said...

This is a great post!!!! Love it! And I would love to be british!! Lol :D
Xoxo, K.

LoveE ♥ said...

Kate Moss and Alexa Chung = coolest women ever!

Anonymous said...

Ah this makes me proud :)
We have great culture in this country for music and fashion and it's nice that you celebrated it with this post :)

Emma xx

HOLLY said...

Fab post!xx

Choccy-Biccy said...

I'm proud to be British! I love our great love of tea haha xxx

SoaneHonor said...

Great list! Wish I was British, and if I really would have been, I sure as hell would've been really proud.
I think The Smiths had a cool style, too, and I like how these indie bands/musicians dress up, too. Coco Sumner, Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller...they've got great style, I think.

Très Glamour said...

Nice post :) good job...liking your page :)

Anonymous said...

I love this blog
This is really helpfull for me
Thank you

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