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Monday, March 21, 2011

When i've got a spare half hour I find myself browsing all fashion sites to check all the bargains and latest trends and I constantly find new favourites. Such as brand new established company K & Co. Which brought together Kays, Great Universal and Empire Stores. They sell clothing from sizes 6-32, how can you go wrong?!
So yeah anyway, I couldn't help looking at their cardigans! check out this K&Co selection of comfortable cardigans now!
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I'm really liking this baseball looking cardigan by Criminal Damage at K and Co it's a lovely bright red and it's a cardigan which is perfect for all seasons! I love the fact that M and Co you can pay by the week too, so this cardigan would cost you £2.50 a week. Bargain!
Also, i'm really liking the colour of this cardigan and how it's open stitch and slouchy and perfect for spring! This South Open Stitch Slouch Cardigan is only £1.30 a week!
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I've wanted a cable knit cardigan for a while and this ones perfect from So Fabulous! at M and Co. At only £2 a week it's a bargain too and this type of cardigan will be fab for the next few years as cable knit cardigans don't seem to be going out of fashion!
My other favourite is this Saviour Jersey Cardigan which costs £17 (80p a week) and is perfect for throwing over a summery dress when going out, it'll be great for spring summer 2011!

Which is your favourite cardigan? How would you wear it?

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✗✗ said...

Oo I love cardigans, great picks!!

Unknown said...

I really like the Varsity Cardigan, I've been meaning to buy one, but.. I forget!


Hannah said...

so cool how you pay by week!xxx


Gossip Girl said...

O M G!
They look so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I had one!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

The red one is gorgeooouuus! <3 <3

Alison Cawley said...

i love the red one, super cute! :) xxx

Dilan Dilir said...


William Turner said...

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M said...

i love the sporty one on the top left! i want a VARSITY JACKET too!!


Is This Real Life? said...

Ooh these cardigans look really pretty!

Soph'CB said...

amazing! X

Anonymous said...

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This is really helpfull for me
Thank you

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