How to wear brogues: part one

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lots of you have been asking how to wear this seasons latest 'it shoe' the brogue. Especially with different coloured brogues. So for a few posts i'm going to show you how I'd wear brogues and different coloured ones.
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I'm wearing these brogues which are tan brown and from Linzi Shoes and are only £18.
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I'm wearing my brogues with some jeggings from Topshop, A Forver 21 basic stripey top, Primark scarf & Chelsea Doll pocket watch necklace.
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I love these brogues as they are perfect this season and the perfect colour too. These brogues go really well with light colour denim (so shorts, leggings, jeans or jeggings) will work with them. This type of outfit is perfect for those casual college days, shopping trips and days out which are not too dressy.
Making sure your brogues go with your outfit i'd stick to wearing them with with a skinny jeans/legging/jegging and a top which has shape to it, this makes you look much taller (yay!)

What do you think of this way to where brogues? Have you checked out the brogues on Linzi Shoes?

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Andrea said...

love these shoes!

Paige Rhianne said...

Great post! Im always struggling on what to wear with brouges. Yours are lovely nice outfit.

Hannah said...

im still looking for the perfect brogue and these are lovely, the colour is perfect

Bow Dream Nation xx

Ria said...

I live in brogues at the moment, I have two pairs :D
I love the colour of yours though! Great post xoxo

Reyna @reynasblogxo said...

Love your style! xx

Just Another Shopaholic said...

I love these shoes!!

Unknown said...

I love the way they looked with the jeggings... I bet they would look nice with a denim skirt too!!


✗✗ said...

Adore those shoes!

Hannah said...

love the scarfxxx


Ellie said...

Great post! It's always difficult to incorporate a new shoe trend into your daily wardrobe.
Love your blog :)

Jess said...

yessss i love my brouges! but recently ive been wearign my moccasins more.. but now i might get out the brownie brouges again!
how do you wear black brouges? i have a pair and have never worn them!
lovely lovely darlin, as usual xxxxx

Cookies and Blush said...

I wish I could get away with wearing these! They look gorgeous with those light jeans - maybe I'll give it a go!
Thanks for another lovely post, can't wait to see the next part!


Patricia said...

Looks nice I must say...

Anonymous said...

what a cute casual look! I'm considering buying a pair of brogue boots bc I think they would be more versatile so keep the brogues posts coming!

amie k said...

fab post, I always need help finding ways to wear brogues!

I'm a new follower, just found your blog through another one I follow!

I'd love it if you could check out my blog too!

xoxo amie

Wendy Lu said...

Wow, I've never seen brogues before! They look super cute on you, girl! :)


Anthea said...

Thanks for the advice. You look gorgeous in those brogues.

Embracing Style

Anonymous said...

I love brogues!

- Tesh x

Anonymous said...

I have given you an award!

- Tesh x

Indigo said...

i love brogues. and i was introduced to linzi shoes from your blogs a few weeks back...Its sooo cheap!! XXX

Violet said...

nicely styled. my roommate bought a pair and i really like them on her. i kind of want a pair of my own. Ilove the stripes btw!

Vi from Cali

erleppard said...

i love love love brouges! they just seem to go with everything deffo a staple item! love your blog

Spinning ★. said...

I absolutely love the outfit.. I've ordered my first pair of brogues from Ebay and I can't wait for them to arrive. Great post by the way :)

Anonymous said...

I love this blog
This is really helpfull for me
Thank you

▲Tyna said...

you look very nice:))

check out mine please,

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