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Sunday, January 02, 2011

I think i'll always be a fan of vintage inspired jewellery, due to my everlasting collection of long chained vintage pendants I had to add Zara Taylor Jewellery to my collection.
With stunning vintage long chained pendants this site is a Jewellery lovers dream!
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The Explorer Binocular Long Chain pendant is £20 take a look here. The site gives you the option of using an interchangable vintage pendant so you can easily change from necklace to necklace and carry on collecting the Zara Taylor jewellery as now you can buy the charms seperately!
(saving money then wahoo!)
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The necklaces are quite long and really stand out when you wear them!
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THE EXPLORER binocular long chain pendant - £20.
My other new Zara Taylor necklace...
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Vintage Love Meter Long Chain Pendant - £20

I really like Zara Taylor Necklaces, firstly because they are so unique and you won't find any vintage inspired necklaces and jewellery like it, and secondly because they are handmade. you may have seen necklaces by Zara Taylor before... on celebrities like
Fearne Cotton!
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Recognise this? Her twitter picture - she's wearing a Zara Taylor Necklace!

So what do you think of Zara Taylor Jewellery? With bracelets, earrings and necklaces and long chain pendants your spoilt for choice!

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VildesVerden said...

They are really cool! Happy new year from Norway

Unknown said...

Well, I shall defiantly be taking a wee look at the site! I love the EXACT same style of jewellery. I used to constantly buy TOPSHOP jewellery but I found that it easily broke. Vintage style is amazing!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful necklace.

Emily said...

I love ferne cotton!
Love emily, xx

Lydia said...

the binoculars are sooo cute - a must have! xx

Siân Singleton said...

Great post, I love Zara Taylor jewellery and I love that she is now doing the interchangable pendants x

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The Robyn Diaries said...

These jewels are lovely, such a great find!

R x

Wendy Lu said...

Agh, those pieces are simply stunning! You are starting to get me into vintage jewelry too! Love the binoculars necklace the most. :)


LaraLainThatsMyName said...

Thanks for the tip off on these, I will be looking them up for work purposes later in the week now :)

xC-Ax said...

it's great that you can change the different charms/pendants. definitely a jewellery designer with a mind for money saving ideas, which I love!


Catarina said...

The pendants looks lovely! I will definately be taking a look at the website! Thanks for recommending.

M said...

i love it
Feliz año nuevo espero que la hayas pasado rodeada de gente querida...
saludos desde Argentina

mode. said...

love the binoculars!
happy new year!
<3 mode.

Anonymous said...

I love Zara Taylor jewlerry! I love the sands of time long pendant, might treat myself to that xx

Unknown said...

happy new the necklace xx

Unknown said...

Love the first necklace.. the second one is a bit plain. but still great prices for both ^_^

ediot said...

Hi darling. thanks for sharing. i like the bottom two necklaces the most.
Gonna check out her jewelry now.
I spend nye with some friends.- just chatting until the early morning, it was wonderful.
wish you a great week dear


Anonymous said...

oooo I REALLy love the jewellery.. might take a look.

Please check out my giveaway...

Tania said...

They are so detailed and beautiful, I love it! And the price isn't actually that much!
And gosh you have lots of Followers, seriously I never knew there were that many fashion bloggers on Blogspot!

Happy New Year!

M said...

LOVE the binoculars! SO FUN!


Come by my new giveaway!!!xo

M said...

LOVE the binoculars! SO FUN!


Come by my new giveaway!!!xo

M said...

LOVE the binoculars! SO FUN!


Come by my new giveaway!!!xo

Rebecca said...


please follow me

Olivia Tinker said...

love your blog babe! Its fabulous

Unknown said...

will definitely check out the site becca, this jewellery looks really nice, especially the looking glass one the beautiful fearne cotton is sporting! x

SoaneHonor said...

oh my! love the jewellery!
and really love your new header, too!
gonna check out the site right NOW.

tori fox said...

oooh tiny steampunk :-)

Anonymous said...

I love this blog
This is really helpfull for me
Thank you

OMR said...

I am in LOVE with this entire outfit!

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