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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lots of my readers lately have been contacting me on the situation of Prom. It was my Prom last year (believe me that was hectic!) and this year it's my best friends Prom and after going shopping with her and finding the perfect prom dress for her I thought it's time to help all of you out by finding some gorgeous dresses on a high-street budget! (yay!)

If you are 5ft 5 or under - I'd recommend buying a long dress as they make you look taller especially with a fabulous pair of heels!

If you are 5ft 6 & above - I'd recommend a short dress, when you're tall and have long legs a short dress will make you look gorgeous especially with the all important shoes!

Here are my top 4 picks from 5 different high-street shops!
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These dresses are all from Coast and all under £200! I love the colours of Coast dresses and how suitable they are for prom, some of my friends got dresses from Coast last year, and they looked amazing!
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These dresses are all by Julien Macdonald's STAR collection at Debenhams. I really love the diamante detailing on these dresses and how they look so glamorous!
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All these dresses are by the Debut collection at Debenhams. These dress are perfect if you are looking for a 'traditional' prom dress under £200. My favourite is the blood red dress, if you wore it to prom you'd stand out from the crowd and look sooo elegant and glamorous!
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All these dresses are from Lipsy. Lipsy do amazing dresses if you want to look amazing for a night out, but some of their embellished dresses would look amazing at Prom. These sort of dresses are perfect for the tall girls who are looking for the perfect short dress to suit their figure!
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All these dresses are from French Connection. French connection are great from evening dresses, and in simple colours like black and white. Being well known for their amazing detailing French connection's dresses are well worth looking at when shopping for prom!

Also if you do go Prom dress shopping my tip is to not go to your local shopping centre, as someone at your prom is likely to buy the same dress. Try and travel a bit further when shopping to your nearest city such as Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham. There will be more choice there and your more likely to find an even NICER dress!

Let me know how all your searches go and I hope this has helped all of you who are stuck on a Prom Dress search!

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Alex said...

these are some great dresses!

Rebecca said...

I remember my prom dress. It was from Monsoon for over £100 I think, Dad werent to thrilled with the price. I didn't enjoy my prom its more an american thing. Cool dresses

aroselikethis said...

nearly all of these dresses are really adorable, but i never went out shopping for my prom dress... i got it for 30 quid of ebay new. it was floor length and im 5ft 2 is drove me insane! haha

Wida said...

I love the choices! Too bad I am out of high school!!

Missing Amsie Blog

emily campbell said...

Hello! I love these dresses but i just had to say that i disagree with what you said at the start.. Im 5ft 3 and if i wear a long dress it makes me look even smaller but if i wear a short dress with heels it makes me look alot taller. I think it depends on how your legs are shaped. :)

msconversecrazy said...

french connection or debenhams!!!

ForeverSweet89 said...

Warehouse also have some lovely dresses for Proms, I bought mine from there when I had my prom!

Maybe not the obvious but H&M have some nice ones in store at the moment too.

Hannah said...

i'm definitely going to hit lipsy when it's time to get my prom dress next year!xxxx

Carly said...

I remember my prom dress - was a few years ago now! but it was from Coast, they always seem to have stylish dresses. I love all the Lipsy ones too.

FORESTER said...

This is really helpful actually! I have my prom this year, and I don't really fancy buying a huge frilled traditional prom dress (some girls are getting them handmade!), and I didn't really know where to look for nice dresses which are a bit fancy enough, but affordable(ish) and wearable again. I love the French Connection ones especially, and Lipsy too! I've never actually heard of Lipsy, but I'll be heading over to their online shop ASAP! Thanks :')

. said...

It's my prom this year and I'm hunting for a dress next month or in March :D I disagree with what you said at the start, I'm shorter than 5ft 5 and long dresses make me look shorter than I am already!

I'm thinking of buying a dress from Lipsy :) xx

Cherry said...

I didn't go to prom so didn't have the problem of choosing a dress but these choices are all really pretty!

Laura said...

All beautiful dresses! Oh I wish I was in need of a prom dress again :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful dresses.

Anonymous said...

aww I remember my prom. I had a mint green ballgown with a lot of pretty sparkles on the corset. Fun times. Love your options!

maja said...

love the short dresses!

Stephanie said...

These dresses are so beautiful, wish i had a prom to go to x

Paige Rhianne said...

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. I have my prom in a couple of months and im desperate for a dress so im on the hunt. These shops have some gorgeous dresses so il get looking :)

cosmo-junkie said...

Luvin the dresses, really helpful thankyou! :) x

FEARLESS 2.0 said...

I've got my prom in a couple of months too - I love the purple Lipsy dress :)

Hawi Endale said...

love your blog, ive been following for the longest. also love your personal style, check out my blog
lets follow each other!


Kalee said...

The black French Connection dress is the dress that I wore for my prom, however mine was in a lilac/grey. Must say, it is the comfiest dress I have ever worn! Couldn't say the same about my heels though! Love your blog xxx

Wendy Lu said...

Wow, these gowns are simply gorgeous. Sadly, my prom time has already passed. :( My favorite out of all of these is the dress that costs 160 pounds. The blue sparkly one. :D


Anonymous said...

I love this blog
This is really helpfull for me
Thank you

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