Snow, and Hearts & Bows at Ark Clothing

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hearts&Bows, Ark Clothing
Hearts & Bows Black Flower Playsuit - £19.99 Ark Clothing, Hearts & Bows Striped Cardigan - £14.99 Ark Clothing, Tights - Primark, Furry Wedges - Missguided
This outfit, I wore to college today, and believe it or not, was very warm! I wore two pairs of thick warm tights, thick socks, wedges. thermals under my playsuit and cardigan (also wore a coat and scarf aswell!)
Fashion-Train, Ark Clothing, Hearts&Bows
Hearts & Bows Black Flower Playsuit - £19.99 Ark Clothing, Hearts & Bows Striped Cardigan - £14.99 Ark Clothing, Tights - Primark, Furry Wedges - Missguided
The playsuit and cardigan total to only £35! (well worth it compared to the £85 you'd spend in Topshop!)
I Think you can really change your summer clothes into winter clothes this season, by adding thick woolly tights and a long cardigan!
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Hearts & Bows Black Flower Playsuit - £19.99 Ark Clothing, Hearts & Bows Striped Cardigan - £14.99 Ark Clothing, Tights - Primark, Furry Wedges - Missguided
Hearts&Bows clothing, is such good priced clothing, I have a lot of clothes by them, so it's well worth taking a look!
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Also, has it been snowing where you are? Have you had any days of school/college/uni/work?
It's only really started snowing these past two days, no days off college yet!

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Lilian. said...

Wow, i love your outfit :)
You look so pretty in the snow :)

Love your cardigan :D <3

Finder said...

it look cold:/

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Unknown said...

I love your shoes..


Really pretty playsuit and boots. :)SarahD


This is such a cute outfit and I love the snow!

TheOtherSideofCool said...

Im not a big fan of snow, im quite little so really feel the cold- lucky for me its still mid 20's here in Malta :) my Maltese friends have never seen snow which is incredible!

I sooo want a pair of wooley tights but havent seen any for less than €10- wish there was a primark here lol! you look fab xxx

Gertrude said...

Cute outfit! No it doesn't snow where I live, in fact it's still a bit warm! xx

Andrea said...

such a lovely outfit :)

Marella said...

Love the boots!

Unknown said...

I'm so with you - it's amazing what a bit of layering can do to bring summer clothes into winter. Love it.

And, yes, we are snowtastic and I am on day 3 of working from home...

India said...

I have now been converted to team summer clothes in winter
Lucky you to have snow

Dylana Suarez said...

Love your floral top!


mia said...

If you were here, we wouldnt be able to see your boots. Infact, we would hardly see your tights, its up to my knees! And the boots are super nice!

Siân Singleton said...

You look fab! I love that playsuit x

Kittenish Behaviour Blog

Wendy Lu said...

So jealous! I wish we would get some snow here. It's only been bitter cold and very windy. D:

Really love the outfit! Especially the boots, they are so cute. <3


Jude said...

I love your snowy outfit! I can't believe it's snowing so much in England - I think there's more snow in the UK at the moment than the States! :)

Jess said...

Love this outfit - so cute and playful!! Love the background of the pictures too ;)

Unknown said...
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k said...

It's such a cute outfit, glad you were warm :)

Anthea said...

Ah, snow how lovely! Love the florals with the grey.

Embracing Style

ediot said...

that's a really cute playsuit dear.
hope you're having a wonderful week so far.
take care

M said...

love the pop of pink against the grey palette of your outfit! looks pretty in the snow!

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rouli said...

great post here:))


Unknown said...

very nice outfit!!

(new post: Sneak-a-peak: Knits & follow me)

Daniela said...

love that playsuit! too cute

Emily said...

I love your outfit!
Love those wedges!

It's been snowing by mine too:)

Love Emily xx

Hannah said...

you're so pretty! lovely outfit, and i adoreee your boots <3xxx

The Owl Diary said...

Your blog is absolutely gorgeous. Love, love all these photographs. ♥

Michaela said...

Love the playsuit! I agree, you might as well wear your clothes all year round! I've been off school 3 days now because of the snow!

Katie Renee said...

Ahh dontcha just love the snow? :D we got so much in Michigan! but its starting to calm down a bit so ready for it! But seriously..I am SMITTEN over that floral shirt and the cardigan unbelievably adorable & plus they look GREAT together!! love it hunny : )

For The Love Of Fashion And Other Things said...

OMG! I'm absolutely hearting that floral playsuit!

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Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

What a cute outfit. I love the snow.

✗✗ said...

OOoo How cute!! I love floral prints, great outfit!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

✗✗ said...
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Yuliya Fashionblog said...

Great outfits ! You are beautiful ^^


king said...

Cute outfit!

^^ said...

very cute outfit :)
you're also cute.



SoaneHonor said...

beautiful photos.
totally love your cardigan!

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