£20 Aviator and £20 boots - January Bargains

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

These photos were taken a few days ago, when the snow was still here!
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eeek! my gorgeous new heeled boots from Linzi Shoes! They were such a good price, how could I resist?! - I've seen ones like this in high-street stores for prices up to £85, so i'm very happy with mine!
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I love the buckles on the boots, they make them look so different and unique. I don't think I've ever seen ones quite like it before this A/W 2010!
I love wearing them with jeggings, leggings, and my thick winter black tights!
They seem to be good right now, especially with all the bad weather and the snow, it's nice to not have soaking wet shoes after a walk!
One of my favourite things about these boots is you can fold them over to see the gorgeous shearling lining. (so yes, pretty much wearing the same pair of boots too different ways!) because when folded, they look like a completely different boot!
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Another bargain from my recent buys is this black faux leather Aviator Jacket from Chiara Fashion! At the price of only £20 i'm pretty pleased with this! - I'm wearing this jacket with chunky knitted scarves over long tops and leggings. It's a very casual winter look!
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Aviator - Chiara Fashion, Top - ASOS, Jeggings - ASOS, boots - Linzi Shoes
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Aviator - Chiara Fashion, Top - ASOS, Jeggings - ASOS, boots - Linzi Shoes
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What do you think of my new bargains? Have you checked out Chiara Fashion or Linzi Shoes?
Have you bought any January Sales bargains?
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Gertrude said...

The shoes are gorgeous!! Checking Linzi shoes now :) x

Wendy Lu said...

It's amazing how good you are at getting such amazing bargains! Love those boots, they are very intense but AWESOME! Hope you're having a happy holiday :)


Emily said...

Look lobvely together,
Love that jacket!

Love Emily,xx

Kate-Louise said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes

you look awesome

i have bought so much from sales i cant wait til next years jan sales haha


Siân Singleton said...

You look fab and I'm off to get some of those boots myself! x

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Cassidy said...

You look adorable! How I envy that snow!

Anonymous said...

Damm gorgeous boots :)

Anonymous said...

I love your new header! You looks so cute in glasses :) and these snow pics are fab also! xx

Unknown said...

i like that website hun - you always feature up and coming online stores with high street prices. it's bad for my budget, but i appreciate it none the less haha. x

liana said...

Booots!! love.

Ira Petrova said...

cute boots! :)

Mystery Bruises said...

those boots are insane! i cant wait for winter!
Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Your boots are beautiful.

Emma said...

im adoring these sorts of boots right now, theyre certainly on my wishlist.
Scrapbook de la Emma

LaraLainThatsMyName said...

Lovely pics and two brill bargains there, you can't go wrong for £20!
Have a fab NYE

flotsam & flummery said...

There's nothing as fabulous as finding something amazing in the january sales. I broke the bank this year buying beautiful finds.

Unknown said...



Hana Tralala said...

aaargs...they are going to be miiine :D LOL they would perfectly fit to my aviator glasses :D Thanx for sharing Becca :)

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in the 6th picture! I love your style, and I'm most definitely going to get myself a pair of those shoes!

S x

Hannah said...

I love them, they are such great bargains! I'm going sale shopping tomorrow so fingers crossed I get some good bargains! xxx

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

CUTE boots :)

Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)

Char x

Unknown said...

there are fab boots! not a heels girl myself though - already tall enough! love your pics sweetie x

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ediot said...

those boots look great darling!
hope you're having a good week, what are your plans for new years eve?
take care

Olivia RPS said...

lovely shoes! look great :)
Olivia x

M said...

LOVE those boots! must find myself a pair!!


m.corbett said...

i am indescribably jealousss! but happy for you love :) how on EARTH did you find these! lovee x xxx

Hannah said...

love the boots and your jeggings!xoxo

Cherry said...

Great bargains, unfortunately I can't go shopping for bargains but I'm enjoying seeing what everyone else has brought!

maja said...

thank you! :)

Rebecca said...

Nice shoes

Radiant Make Up said...

gorgeous images :)
loving the outfit!! x

Unknown said...

loving the fit of your shearling!!


Emma said...

Love the blog, it's nice to see some successful brit fashion blogs!
Please check out

thanks guys x

BexiestBex said...

Great bargains! I've gone a little sale-crazy this year! Cool blog by the way!

One Becca to another xx

p.s follow me if you wish!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog
This is really helpfull for me
Thank you

OMR said...

I am in LOVE with this entire outfit!

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