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Monday, November 01, 2010

How to have a successful Blog

I suppose most bloggers are wondering the exact same thing, how do you become successful? Is my blog going to go anywhere? And you think that the biggers bloggers don't ask themselves the same question everyday. So I thought let's make a blog post on blogging tips, enjoy!
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1. Leave comments on other blogs
Probably the longest job in the world, but i try to reply to all my blog comments on each blog post. (no matter how long it takes) even if your busy you have to try and make time to reply to your loyal followers!

2.Become a social networking maniac
Make a facebook page for your blog. Set up a twitter account for your blog too, also try and become a regular user of sites like Lookbook, Chicismo, Weardrobe, and Chictopia. This helps more fashionista's find you and your blog and for you to discover others.

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3.Emails, answer all of them!

I try and answer all my emails relevant to my blog, this helps you build contacts and could help you later on in life - especially if you want a career in fashion!

4. Comment on other blogs!

Try and comment on as many blogs as possible, chances are you will get comments back and hits on your blog, this means MORE FOLLOWERS!

5. Write about your interests to make you unique

There are millions and millions of fashion blogs out there, and you want to make sure yours stands out? Write about the main things you love. This might just be Boots, or necklaces but be sure to write about the main things more than anything else so people will recognize your blog for it!

6. Keep on top of everything fashionable!

Really know what you are writing about, so read as many blogs as possible, check out all the latests fashions on your favourite retail sites, read as many fashion magazines as possible and don't forget the fashion sites!

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7. Don't ever give up, no matter how much you want to

There's been plenty of times I think let's give up. But then I look at my blog and think I have over 1,000 followers for a reason and nearly 200,000 hits for a reason too, and those people love reading my blog, so why give up?
Sometimes a bit of a break is needed so if you have a busy week auto schedule blog posts! (this makes sure you blog post even if you are super busy!)

8. Realise that having your own fashion blog is a 365 day job!

Yes, the only person who can make your blog successful is yourself. You have to use so much spare time to ensure your blog is updated and so are the social networking sites! Even if you are on holiday, auto schedule blog posts to make sure your blog survives your time away!

DON'T HAVE MUSIC... unless you are a music blog that is!

9. When shooting blog outfit posts be different!

I started off shooting my outfit blog posts in my bedroom, now I shoot them outside mainly and where theres a white wall in my house! When your out and about take your camera with you, you never know when there'll be a great place to shoot a blog post!
I've done mine in wild places, for example vineyards, towns, forests, gardens, beaches to name a few. (No-one wants to see an outfit post done with a hoover and family photos in the background, find somewhere suitable!)

ALSO keep all your photos the same width & length when blog posting, it looks so much more proffessional!

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10. Keep track of statistics!

When companies contact you, statistics are key. Install google analytics, put a hit counter on your blog, and track where your visitors are from and how many there are with a flag counter!

11. Giveaways!

Everybody loves a good fashion giveaway! Try and make sure your giveaway is open to everyone so all your readers get a chance to enter, and this encourages a lot of new readers too!

What did you think of these fashion blogging tips? Did these help you?

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Kate-Louise said...

I am new-ish to the blogging world and this has really helped,thank you,your blog is great xx

emilycharlotte_ said...

Great tips! I hope to be as successful as you one day haha! X

Violet said...

great tips hun... i tend to follow alot of those myself especially the music and comment ones

Vi from Cali

Lee said...

Super informative! I look at your blog and find inspiration. I aspire for my blog to be as successful one day. Thanks for the tips :)


Jude said...

You're a sweetheart for sharing these tips! Even though I'm not a fashion blogger, I've really enjoyed sites like yours (and I can really see why your blog is so great!)

Hannah said...

Hi Becca,
I'm fairly new to blogging but have been following you for a while and I love your blog!

This is such a helpful post, thanks for taking the time to do it.

PS, like the new header

Please check out my blog!

Paige Rhianne said...

Thanks loads for these tips they really helped and there really valid. the bit made me laugh about the hoover and family photos so true. massive fan of your blog

Serina said...

Great tips, I especially agree with the "blogging is a 365 day job bit" !

Just out of curiosity, what's wrong with music?? :S You mean playing in the background?

Thank you for the comment by the way xx

White Bazaar said...

Great post, some really useful tips here! x

k said...

nice tips! I def agree on the music one, haha :)

wobblinbetty said...

wonderful post Becca! sounds very professional :)
keep up the good work honey xxx

Marianna Papagiannopoulou said...

very helpfull
thank you a lot

Life At Victoria House said...

Lovely and very useful post missy :)
I love your blog and admire all the hard work you put into it!!! <3
will send over my info now :)

i s p y c r y s t a l said...

Most definitively.

Bego said...

your fabulous!! Thanks!! <3333

Stacey Kay said...

Great tips! Love your header btw.

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

Military Utilitarianism-Thrifted

Hanna C. said...

great tips!!


Vicki said...

great post becca!! great advice!!! im so glad u mentioned the music thing and also the suitable outfit post location thing, its so unprofessional looking when people do photos in their room with loads mess and crap behind them..
(note to self install google analytics!) xo

Meera said...

Thanks for the tips! I have been a bit stuck about my blog in general, and this has really helped!
Please check out my blog. I love yours, and would love to get some feedback.

Rachella - said...

I like the last picture so much!

Ana said...

These are some great tips! I'm going to apply a couple of them as soon as possible, seeing as my blog is rather new still - 5 months old today! :P
Thanks for sharing!

B. said...

I've just made my blog and these tips are very useful, thankyou! <3

Anonymous said...

I've only just made a blog and this is definitely going to help me build it up. Thankyou! And I absolutely LOVE your blog!

I am following you so I hope you can follow me aswell! :)

Fashion-Geek is 'Oh So Petite'! said...

Thank you for the tip, this will definitely help me as I only recently started to blog and joined.

Check my blog it then follow me.

Thank you

Adele. said...

Thank you so much for this post. I needed so really good advice because I only have two followers but I didn't know what I was doing wrong! so I have noted your tips. I am a follower of your blog because it is amazing!!

Love Baby Gal ♥

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the blogging tips they REALLY help.

Thanks for making the effort to do the post as it is really helpful for new-ish bloggers like me :)

Im really liking the blog, I've been following for a while now and I always look forward to reading it... thanks again
Aly xx

PrncszTffny said...

love the tips!
i kinda just started a fashion blog as well, so i am still learning on how to make it really stand out and really show my style.
i'd appreciate if you take a look, and leave a comment :)

courtneymatthiesen said...

LURVE your tips, check out everybody and follow me!

Liesl said...

These blogging tips are spot on and you are simply adorable!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the lovely glad you liked the Spotted Moth too!

Liesl :)

Lolli Lewis said...

really good and useful post!
you defo know what your saying

check out my blog and please follow :)

x x

Ipey said...

wow...what a great tips from a teenage blogger like u...many thanks!
I'm sure by twenty-something age you'll have amazing career on fashion :)


Unknown said...

this is REALLY helpful and well written, you should do a blogger series or something similar hun, it's great x

Anonymous said...

Gotta disagree with the music post though - I mean at the end of the day, people have different taste/purpose for blogging. But the rest is what everyone should be doing :)

StylishForever said...

Definitely helpful! Thanks for this love, and now you've got yourself a new follower :)

Stay gorgeous!

Manon Margaretha said...

Thank you for your visit !
I really like your blog, and the last pictures is amazing (:
What about following each other ?

Unknown said...

fab tips sweetie. i fear my blogging days are numbered so any help you can give me would be great! hope your well x

Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

Melissa said...

thanks for the tipsx

Anonymous said...

I'm Missy (Well, Alesha but I like to be called Missy) and I'm hopfully going to start a fashion blog like yours! I read your blog almost everyday simply for entertainment & inspiration! I would love to ask you some questions about how you do percific things on your blog!
I would really apreciate if you replied!
From Missy xx

Ale Arróyave said...

great tips... i love reading you!.. and well, you wrote exactly what I like of blogs like The blonde salad, or style-scrapbook or yours!... really cool tips!.. but I also think that another good tips is just to be yourself and post because you love it!.. not just because of the numbers.... if you post interesting things the numbers will come by themselves...

Ange de modèle said...

Heylo, I've just started with my fashion blogging and I've found these tips very helpful! Thankyou very much!


Lydia & Marjolein said...

wow thanks, this helps alot!.
and i really love your style <3

Daisy said...

Thank you sooo much for these tips. :) I am now a new follower.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Who did your photography for your new header? I love it!
Missy xx

Emily said...

this is really helpfull, thank you please everyone follow me and i will follow back!

thanks guys this would be much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

i like the tips. thanks :)

Yasemin said...

I think these comments are extremely useful, I just think that even doing these it may be difficult to get those first few followers. And why no music?

Unknown said...

taking your advice and re-vamped my look

check it out and comment. need positive criticism :)

love your blog

OMR said...

i love the pattern of the dress! cute post!

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