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Saturday, September 18, 2010

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Why not wear the a top with the worlds biggest music star on?
I suppose there's so controversy about Gaga right now...
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In my opinion this is just crazy. Lady Gaga has gone too far. I saw this on the tv and i was truely shocked. Who would do this? only Gaga of course. But I know this is just another publicity stunt but really. a dress made a meat, and she thinks it looks attractive? what do you think?
Well anyway back to my Gaga top (Which i do love despite the meat issue)
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Gaga Top - Phix Clothing, Denim Spotty Hotpants - Topshop, Tights - Topshop & Brogues - Linzi Shoes
As you all know by now, i'm now a huge fan of online store Phix Clothing you should check them out for there amazing clothes at such good prices!
Well anyway, this Gaga Top is a new favourite of mine. It's a casual vest with an interesting Gaga Print and at £15.99 any Gaga female fan would be mad not to have this in their wardrobe.
I'm a fan of Gaga, I like her music and her unique music videos, but the outfits are sometimes a step too far. What's your view?
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Gaga Top - Phix Clothing, Denim Spotty Hotpants - Topshop, Tights - Topshop & Brogues - Linzi Shoes
As you all know by now, i'm now a huge fan of online store Phix Clothing
The top is long enough to be worn with the typical pair of jeggings, cardigan and ugg boots (or some form of boots for daywear and for a more classy and different look, try brogues like mine from Linzi Shoes for only £17! As you all know i'm a massive fan of Linzi Shoes so check them out, especially the 'our latest' page. The boots are divine, i would buy them all if i had the money! They are really worth the look, the shoes are such good prices in comparison to the high-street stores!
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Brogues - Linzi Shoes
I love my brogues i wear them all the time, do you have a pair yet?
What do you think of Lady Gaga? Have you got any Lady Gaga merchandise?
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Unknown said...

Hey love I love your blog so I follow
I'm having a jewelry giveaway you should enter

Wendy Lu said...

I don't like Gaga, but I like the shirt...graphic tees and ones with celebs on them are usually pretty cute. :)

Meat suit = DISLIKE. This definitely went far, but I guess that's Lady GaGa. Does the unthinkable.


Isabel said...

only gaga would dare wear a dress made of

Liana said...

i love your shoes, i've been wanting some like those for awhile now but no luck in finding some yet...i love gaga's music but i agree, i think she tends to overdo it sometimes for the shock value and publicity...but i guess that's what makes her famous!

Violet said...

i dont have any gaga merch... but ive seen some tops at H&M though

Vi from Cali

Kathryn said...

I think the meat is a little much.

kaitlin monroe said...

i liked the meat dress but i loved the meat bikini she wore for vogue hommes.
the concept and meaning behind it is much greater than her just wanting to get attention for herself. it was for a cause.

Zuzi said...

lady gaga is crazy! not in a good way after that dress....

thank you for your sweet comment dear, it made me happy! ♥


I love Gaga but I am very shocked to see her in that meat dress! Not a fan of that look myself :s Can see several things she may be trying to imitate or certain messages she may be trying to send - but surely this is an unnecessary way to do it - quite freaked out.

Brilliant top and polka dot shorts!

Unknown said...

I love Gaga.

Jeans Please! said...

lovely t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

Love the Lady Gaga top.
I'm a big fan, though I don't like the meat dress, it's certainly got people talking and love her or hate her, she won't be forgotten in a long time.

Serina said...

I find the dress repulsive, but if she wants to wear it, I have no problem!

fashionismyh2o said...

I think the dress she wore was VILE but I looove your top :) xx

Unknown said...

very cute !

bourbon fatal said...

cool blog! :)

I love this Lady Gaga shirt :D

free to be sorelle said...

I LOVE gaga but that meat outfit is a bit too much i believe but hey to each is own! i love you blog! so im following. hope you're able to visit ours!!

I V Y said...

best tee ever.

Camilla said...

I think if Gaga wants to wear Meat on her dress, then okay, but I can imagine she smelt a bit funky.

Grace said...

I need brogues. And I CAN NOT look at that picture of Gaga because all I imagine is the smell.

Love Grace.

Heather said...

the meat dress was meant to be a statement about the way gay soldiers are treated... cryptic I know! But i'll always love her!

tam said...

love the shoes. =)

show love:

SoaneHonor said...

that shirt looks gorgeous on you! and the shoes are cuute.
the meat dress was a little over the top for me. what i like of Lady GaGa is she just wears what she wants.

Eye said...

Lol...really beautiful.
Agence de mannequins Lyon

Lola florist said...

I though GaGa dress was disgusting (and ifeel bad for the poeple in back and next to her! they were smell raw meat all that night ulgy!yyy!
but i love the shirt!

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