Chunky Knit Winter Cardigan

Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Okay so for all my readers who are at sixth form/college/university this is a post for you. Daily you wake up thinking 'what am i going to wear?' or 'should I make an effort today?'. Well in my opinion you should ALWAYS make an effort. So today i've gone for the casual yet 'classy' look. All key pieces are from Matalan
This chunky knit long cardigan was only £25! you can buy it HERE!
This is staple for this season and a must-have in your wardrobe. A chunky knit cardigan is seen as like an alternative to a coat, when it's not cold enough to wear one. This cardigan is for those days where its dry and cold and there's NO rain in sight.
So on monday i thought this is the perfect to wear. And what shoes did i pick?!
these gorgeous Wedges from Matalan
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And at £18 really, where can you go wrong? I wore them on monday to college, and the amount of compliments and people asking how much they were from Topshop (assuming they were from there) was unreal!
I don't think many people realise how good wedges are to walk in, how comfy they are even after 6 hours of working!
I really love how they are khaki green and perfect for this A/W 2010!
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Wearing: Chunky Knit Cardigan - Matalan, White vest top - Asos, Bodycon Skirt - Desire Clothing, Tights - Topshop, Shoes - Matalan from Matalan
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Wearing: Chunky Knit Cardigan - Matalan, White vest top - Asos, Bodycon Skirt - Desire Clothing, Tights - Topshop, Shoes - Matalan from Matalan
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Wearing: Chunky Knit Cardigan - Matalan, White vest top - Asos, Bodycon Skirt - Desire Clothing, Tights - Topshop, Shoes - Matalan from Matalan

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Close up of the gorgeous pattern of the cardigan!
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would you wear this outfit to college/sixth form/ university?
Do you like the cardigan?
What are your thoughts on Matalan Clothing?
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Isabel said...

love the cardigan...i need one like it :)

Hanna C. said...

i love that cardigan!! :D i have to buy one,too.

julianne. said...

i am innnlloovvee with that sweater.<3

Emily said...

lusting the chunky sweater and boots!! great outfit :)

M said...

i love your style...

Unknown said...

You look great and that sweater looks so comfy and soft!

Oh and be sure to check out my giveaway!

Bee said...

nice outfit, amazing shoes :)

Unknown said...

I love it. It looks very comfi.

daisychain said...

I am loving matalan at the moment.

Nicoletta said...

Love your cardigan and shoe too. <3

Ita Bravo said...

hey becca! I love your cardigan, I need one too :)

Hey I have a question, where you created the image with your name that you put at the end of each entry?

andreeee :)

Andrea said...

great outfit!

Unknown said...

Lovely set. Sweater seems to be very warm and perfect for the December evenings.


Kathryn said...

love the cardigan, I've been looking for one like that.


Yeah I'd definately wear this to uni/college.
Can't get enough of chunky knits and cool boots come autumn/winter time.
People sometimes think chunky knits are for slouching around in but I personally think they have something sexy about them; hunting for one at the moment myself.

Anonymous said...

To answer your three questions:

1. I would definitely wear this. It seems effortless to put on because you really don't have much garments to match it with because the sweater is the focal point.

2. Of course, I like it :) I love knits so it's golden in my books.

3. The Matalan clothing site is great! Has a lot of good fashion staples so I hope the company's business is going well.


Francesca Robertson said...

very cute sweater

F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

Maria said...

Gorgeous boots. *


That is a great cardigan and outfit. Perfect for uni/ school. :)SarahD

Lara said...

Love the cardigan, I would definitely wear this outfit :)

SoaneHonor said...

oh my! i love love love your outfit. that cardigan, those wedges...amazing! you know how to pick the most fabulous sites/clothings.

Ana said...

I love this outfit for school! I could definitely live in it during class time....much better than jeans and a t-shirt, in my opinion.

Violet said...

i would definitely wear this and i love the cardigan and the shoes!!!

Vi from Cali

Anthea said...

Love your chunky knit and your wedges. Very nice outfit!

Embracing Style

Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

like your shoes (:

xo, Lie

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Legolas said...

awww, how I lovelovelove that cardigan, it looks so cute and nice and warm :) goes amazingly well with a weather like that :)
cuuute outfit aswell

Rebecca Clairine said...

thx for ur comment :)

cute cardigan
i like it <3

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Rosa said...

nice outfit!!

LadyBugSays ... said...

Great outfit!

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xC-Ax said...

I can't believe you got those in Matalan!!Good spot!


Anonymous said...

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OMR said...

Love this you did such a good job!!!!

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