The New Style UGG boots!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

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I'll have to admit, I'm quite liking the plain knitted UGG boot with a new 'edge' to them for this seasons A/W 2010 collection. This is a great (yet different) change to the simple classic tall and short UGG boots we saw hit our stores a year ago.
How to wear this seasons UGG boots? With a pair of leggings/skinny jeans and a leather jacket and your ready to go!

So where can you find your new pair of UGG boots?
at Daniel Footwear is where you'll first find these UGG's hitting the UK! So check the site out!

“Think you can handle the new Ugg Boots A/W 2010 collection yet?”

So, what do you think of this seasons UGG boot?

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Isabel said...

i still love my tall classic uggs ill wear them for life!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I don't like the knitted boots, they look like they should be worn indoors like slippers. As Isabel says I prefer the classic uggs.

Caitlin said...

Those look pretty amazing! I just have short little chocolate Uggs. I love them!

Life At Victoria House said...

I love uggs, but not this style!!
Sorry miss!!
Also not the whole preppy look, more like mix it up a bit :)

julianne. said...

major ugg lust.<3

dhposaDHS said...

we love this blog:)

Unknown said...

I like the Bailey Button Ugg more.

michelle_ said...

unlike the contrary of most fashionistas.. i actually like ugg boots.. i mean they're comfy and they're still cute right ? :D

take care and have a good weekend !

Anthea said...

I actually like the knitted uggs as well. Don't think I would buy a pair, but I like them.

Embracing Style

Ray said...

Love these and I have one pair from last year(they are not UGG cause they are too expensive)but I like mines and I don't think I'm gonna buy anytime soon another ones:))

Cars said...

Sigh, as much as I hate UGG boots, I wear them because of the bitter weather here in Canada. These new models look so much better though!

Unique Freak said...

I love the knitted style UGG boots. I think that their better then the normal plain UGG boots anyway!

Denisa L said...

not really a fan but I like the grey pair

Unique Freak said...

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Diana said...

i would probably snip off the fringe and then wear these ;) i like the sweater material

i am also hosting a giveaway for a really awesome set of animal rings and i hope you'll check it out! :) hope to see you soon!!

jwunsch said...

These boots are awesome! Will definitely be putting it on my fashion wishlist. Such a good find!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, not a fan of these at all. Honestly I think these boots try way too hard to be cute. If I have to think about the product before I buy, I won't buy it all. The designers job is to think, not the customers. Thanks

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Unknown said...

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mashley said...

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