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Sunday, June 27, 2010

What a beautiful day it was here in England yesterday,the sun was shining and it was one of the hottest days of the year! goodbye leggings and jumpers, hello summer dresses!
So I thought i'd show you all what i wore yesterday to go out shopping:
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Cropped Denim Jacket is from New Look, My dress is another vintage floral dress from Funk Rock, my clogs are from So You Shoes, and my necklace is from
This Izzy dress is so pretty and so easy to wear. It can be worn all year round, for example the dress can be worn with tights and a denim cropped jacket in the winter to keep warm or it can be worn in the summer with bare legs and a pair of Clogs.
It's availabe in three colours, I want all three for £20 a dress!
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my clogs are from So You Shoes, and my necklace is from Funk Rock
This eiffel tower necklace goes with everything and for only £12.99 it's a bargain. These clogs are the latest trend, I've seen them for up to £90 in some high street stores. My Clogs were only £26. So check out Soyoushoes in my sidebar!

Saturday Night's outfit
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Last Night, I wore another one of my favourite dresses by Siobhan Mckenzie. This dress is made to fit, and couldn't fit better. This batwing bodycon dress make me feel really really glamourous. For only £30 you can buy it here and with free uk delivery & free INTERNATIONAL delivery on your first order what else could you want?

So what do you guys do yesterday? What did you wear? What do you think of my outfits?

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Unknown said...

i love it and your clogs are really cute!

julianne. said...

girl you have some amazing dresses.
i esp love the first one.
i love your pics, youre gorgeous.<3

C said...

I love the first dress! I've had my eye on it for a while, may buy it when I get my next allowance or get paid!
The second dress is beautiful too! I love the dresses on her website and the fact they're made to measure! I want! xxxx

Andrea said...

gorgeous outfits :)

you look beautiful!

Laura Tenshi said...

You look lovely in both outfits.
I love the first outfit with the floral dress and the denim jacket. The second dress is gorgeous too.

Paint it Black said...

Love both outfits but your evening dress is gorgoeus on you love the shape xoxo

Dressing Up For Me said...

Those dresses are so pretty! I love those fun blue prints and they fit you well. :)

Cherry said...

I really want some clogs but I'm worried I won't really be ablet to walk in them properly.

Anonymous said...

I went holiday shopping yesterday, so was just casual to make trying on clothes easier.
I love both your outfits and the first dress is just gorgeous. I love clogs and love my clogs too, they're not too uncomfortable either although I wouldn't wear them for a long shopping trip.

eleanor said...

beautiful dresses! and ahh, i want clogs. so cute.


siobhanmckenzie said...

Gorgeous clogs! x

black n white ladies said...

wonderful dress collection....then I follow you up! keep the best job

Cherie said...

love your dress for the saturday night out, so pretty on you !

Parade of Dresses

Birgitte said...

this is really an adorable outfit!
Love the flozerdress and the eiffel necklace!

Xoxo Birgitte

Rebecca Clairine said...

thx for ur sweet comment on my post :)

cute dress !
pretty on you :D

check my new post,

Vicki said...

ahh another mckenzie masterpiece!! love this one almot as much as your white one! :) fab! x

Audrey Allure said...

Gorgeous outfits, I especially love your Saturday Night's outfit!


Fantastic them!:)SarahD

Lara Woodbine said...

Loving the outfits girl!


Isabel said...

that floral print is gorgeous

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Michaela said...

I looove the batwing dress... so unusual :)

anotherwomanbyrose said...

love your clogs!!!!



Anonymous said...

Cute Dresses :)

xo rye

Liv said...

i love the necklace !
i have ginve you an award on my blog, take a look :)

Anonymous said...

The batwing bodycon is amazing darling!

Adore the colour, wonderfully vibrant.

Loveee your new wedges, they look lovely with the floral dress.

I hope you had a lovely weekend


Lauren said...

Gorgeous dresses & loving the clogs! have a lovely week xx

michelle_ said...

your clogs are wonderful !
loving that blue asymetrical top on you :) ;)

minnja said...

I LOVE the Saturday Day dress, it's so pretty!

Catherine said...

That floral dress is perfect!
You look too cute!

SoaneHonor said...

the floral dress looks really great on you, it's lovely. the jacket tops off perfectly with it. the siobhan mckenzie dress is gorgeous, too. i love the shoes you wear with it. you've got great, great style.


Anna Leo said...

I love the dress of the first pict ;D

Anna from Sheisagnie

mandyn said...

oh i love the shoes

x x

OMR said...

woh! it is amazing. I have never seen Italy, but then saw this picture I think that Italy looks very nice. my dream to visit Italy atlist once in a lifetime.

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