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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

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Cropped Top £16.99
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Cropped Top £24.99
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Necklace £12.99
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Denim Jacket £29.99
I am definetly loving all of these items right now, especially the denim jacket so on trend right now, what do you think?
check out Republic's site HERE.
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Charlotte Elise Jay said...

I LOVE LOVE that first top

actually gorgeous shape :) :)

Char x

Samantha said...

Add those to my wish list too!!

Emmi said...

yes I love the first top too!

Anonymous said...

I love these! so cute!

I wish I could be done, but then again I don't want to take 19 exams either. 2 years worth of school isn't so bad, I guess. I still need to figure out what I want to do in college. When do you go to college? is it still the same or do you go next year?

LadyBugSays ... said...

Love that denim jacket. Republic have some fab things in at the moment, I love their maxi dresses!

Anonymous said...

that denim jacket is so cute!

MaryWhitney said...

Ow Your always soo sweet *-* I really love that Necklace .
Much Love MaryWhitney


Unknown said...

ah your welcome sweetie! how's things? did you go to the rare event you mentioned? i'm enjoying the little bit of sun we had today :)

Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

Phuong said...

nice wishlist, love the denim jacket!!

Laura Tenshi said...

My absolute favorite is the denim jacket.I've been looking for one for a while now just couldn't find "the one" :))
Tokyo and Seoul Dreams

Christina said...

Cute blog (:
I love the first crop top- comes in handy with the warm weather!

Dressing Up For Me said...

They´re all perfect for summer. Buy them all! ;) I want that necklace too. :)

Aimee said...

love the second top! awesome blog, im following!

Catita said...

the denim jacket is my fave!

Isabel said...

the cropped tee is hot!


Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Josie said...

I LOVE that necklace! It's absolutely darling!
xxoo Josie

Wendy Lu said...

That first top is really cute! :) I'm not a fan of stripes but I could totally seeing you wear that.
Love love love the necklace. The denim jacket is also really cute but I wouldn't wanna wear that during summertime. xD


Karoline said...

Love the 1st and 2nd top!

Life At Victoria House said...

omg love love love the denim jacket. want them all really :)
enter my giveaway too missy :)
also my emails are down at the moment!

Style At Every Age said...

Great Picks!

Unknown said...

i'm lusting over the cropped top! so perfect for summer with acid washed denim cutoffs!

xoxo E&L

daniela kate morosini said...

i got a coat from miso @ republic in the summer and it's so close to this season's burberry ones! they got there first :)

Ale Arróyave said...

wow! the first top is really cute! i love it!


Vicki said...

Love the first two tops!! might have to go buy them :) great post by dear! x

Anonymous said...

I love the black vest with the heart and the arrow, and thanks for the comments. I've never checked out Republic's site before, but I will now. xxx

Christie said...

SOO cute! I can see why they're on your wish list!

In Fashion and Style

Anonymous said...

Wow! there's a lot of work to becoming an adult in your country! for us, it's just to pass school and pray for a job. maybe that's why there's a high unemployment rate and lack of smarter people. well what you are studying sounds perfect for you! textiles definitely. I want to do something with English and Music, but I need to do something else so I can actually get a job. something like law or business. I haven't quite decided yet.

Anonymous said...

My gosh, that denim jacket is amazing. Love your blog, by the way. :)


Anonymous said...

denim errwhere. I love


Natalie Suarez said...

cute! i love all these pieces :)

Anonymous said...

Great list!

abbzzw said...

you're not the only one with a wishlist from there. loving some of the clothes they have in at the moment :) i actually have a post going up tonight all about republic. you should check it out xx

Melissa said...

awesome wishlist! i love the second top!

MJ said...

I like the crop top but my belly's a little jiggly for that kind of thing!

Unknown said...

iv just come out of there - went to visit on my lunch break! woopsie xxxx

Cherry said...

I really like the necklace!

Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

oooh I really like the tops!

And I think you should wear your hair curly! I would love to see it. When I was younger I was super duper insecure about my hair; until I realized it was the way it was cut that made a difference. Embrace your natural loveliness!


Awesome picks from Republic!


ediot said...

great items- especially the heart top!
im checking out the rest too!
hope youre having a wonderful week darling! thanks for stopping by me.
take care

xx ediot

Unknown said...

Wow :)
The first Top; i bet you will great <3
Im Loving the Denim Jacket Too

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Carina Joana said...

I want everything! love it <3

Anonymous said...

cute blog : )

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