Get the look of Carrie in SATC2: by Tara Lacey

Saturday, June 05, 2010

How to archieve the perfect Carrie in SATC2 by Tara Lacey.
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This gorgeous new season Olivia Rubin dress by Tara Lacey
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Style the dress with this stunning Sam Ubhi bag by Tara Lacey
And to top this outfit off A pair of sleek plain heels and these stunning Fiona Paxton earrings by Tara Lacey
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What do you think of this 'Carrie Look'?
Hope you all have fabulous weekends!
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Oh to Be a Muse said...

those earrings are stellar--very Carrie! i featured one of Carrie's looks on my latest blog post--that blue Halston dress!

the desert foxx said...

Great post-- love the lacey earrings, they are so divine.
Your blog is very inspirational, it's timefor the british to rule!


Carla said...

Very Carrie-like! Great! Gotta love SATC!


Redhead in Law

Andrea said...

ohhh i love it all <3

great post dear!

Carla said...

Oh my god thank you so much for your comment, you are so lovely! And you just made my day, you are so nice! But of course I shouldn't be a model, Im not pretty at all haha. But thank you anyway, following you!


Redhead in Law

Unknown said...

wow thats a load of exams! bet you cant wait to finish. i'm fine thanks. trying to increase some traffic to my blog as it seems to have taken a nit for some reason. your blog is doing very well :)

Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

pearlslaceandruffles said...

stunning earrings!

Unknown said...

Amazing earrings, girl! I wish i could wear ones like that, but they rip my ears.. :[
Oh, and thanks for the ultra-sweet comment,
It made me smile!!
Panda xx

Anonymous said...

I ♥ those earrings!

Laura Tenshi said...

How cool is that dress,it's like some one threw paint on it.I am not really feeling those earrings but I can imagine they would look fabulous with this outfit.Have a wonderful weekend.
Tokyo and Seoul Dreams

Unknown said...

I can definitely see it! I love...well everything. [=

Sara said...

Good combination :)
Your blog is soo great.. ^^
See you here:

Essie said...

aawww thank you!:)
not a prob hun x

ps. going to see SATC2 on monday ;)

xx essie

Diana Mieczan said...

Those earrings are amazing and your blog is so beautifu...Cant wait to read more of your posts..Kisses my lovely and have a great weekend:)

Couture Carrie said...

Love the earrings!


Kiki said...

i watched it yesterday and it was nostalgic! hahaha...gosh how i miss the series!

La p├ępite modeuse said...

Beautiful dress !!

Erin Nicole said...

very nice, and very carrie-esque!! love the blog!!

Unknown said...

lovely outfits looks awesome i really ilike this post

DEA said...

Love those earrings. they are just stunning.
p.s. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I´ll be back ;)


oooh that fringed bag is pretty awesome and yes, i'd love to exchange links!


Anonymous said...

Tassels are very Carrie.

Karoline said...

The dress is wonderful!

Adele said...

Great post missy!
Have you seen the movie yet!
Hows your exams going!?
- Adele

FashionJazz said...

Its a perfect Carrie look hun! Hope you are having a lovely wknd xx

Cristi Silva said...

that bag rocks!

Unknown said...

What a lovely earrings. ;)

Fashion Pirate said...

That bag is awesome, i love the tassles

Thanks so much for checking out my blog and leaving a comment


Dansvogue said...

Nice post, I like earrings, and the color of dress it's fantastic.


Ash Fox said...

too good. love it all.


Anonymous said...

this pink dress quite appeals to me :))

Cava Charlotte said...

I can only see half the dress!!

Charlotte xx

The Style Rail

Ilse said...

ohhh the earrings! love it!

Vicki said...

oh my! so pretty! Love the earrings so much, actually love it all!
following u as of now my dear :) Love your blog! x

Phuong said...

i love the first dress, its gorgeous!

Life At Victoria House said...

Oh that pink dress is stunning :)
Thank you for entering!!!
When do you need the questions done by??? xox

Analisa said...

I love the dresses and earrings!

Krislyn said...

i LOVE the bag!

Carina Joana said...

I love Carries look! :D I'd love to wear that dress!

Yessica said...

I really love the dress! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the look!

GK said...

love all the items! very cool.

(checkout my blog for the giveaway)

Bruninha said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog =)
Such a cute blog you have here! I'm following ;)

Oh, I loved the last post with the dress from rarefashion, everything looks perfect!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this, the dress is beautiful, I love the print and colour!


Stevia said...

thank you so much for your comment, becca!
how's summer in London? From what I know, it's always raining in London. I hope you can have some sunshine on this summer!

i just watched SATC2 and I must say, the fashion was mind-blowing

great job on this post, dear

fyi, i really love your dress from rarefashion on the previous post!

oh, and the lace body? words fail me. LOL

check out my latest post ;)

Dressing Up For Me said...

The dress and the earrings are fabulous! They´re definitely a Carrie Look. :)

Isabel said...

that dress is awesome!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Sweeney said...

Awh very pretty Carrie dress. I would love to get the earrings hmm, I just might haha x


those earrings, are INCREDIBLE.

love them!!


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