Oh How Summery!

Friday, April 16, 2010

I love summery days in spring, where the sun shines in the afternoon and it feels like it's the middle of a British summer.
So I put on my gorgeous new maxi dress, and took some outfit photos OUTSIDE! (it was a special occasion!)
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Oh how summery.
Dress - Goddiva
Shoes - So You Shoes
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I don't like my face on this picture, but i love the dress!
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Shoes - So You Shoes
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Close up on my dress and the jewellery i'm wearing.
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Cherry Pullinger said...

Great dress and I love those shoes!


Love your dress and shoes! You look fabulous. x

Cheryl Clarke said...

this is one of my favorite posts you've ever done. love the garden backdrop and the maxi dress (and those shoes) look great on you!

Le Jardin said...

the colors of the dress are pretty.
love the shoes.

visit, leave your mark, follow?

daisychain said...

LOVE that dress

heartshapedbruise. said...

I'm never quite sure on maxi dresses to be honest, but that one's GREAT - I love the colours :)

electric feel said...

wow, darling
you looks absolutely amazing!

Amanda Lee said...

lots the dress & you look absolutely gorge!


kirstyb said...

dress is so pretty and those shoes are gorge x

FashionJazz said...

U look soo stunning babe!!! Luv ur dress! xx

Nathalie Maggiori said...

This dress has amazing colors, love it!


amazing shoes

Karoline said...

What a lovely dress!
Great post.

Emma Rose said...

Those shoes are so perfect! The colors of the dress are great, too.

Fashion Chalet said...

PRETTY DRESS. The colors are perfect for the season!! :)


J. said...

Love this dress...I guess I'm much more a color blocked gal instead of pattern...You look so pretty!

style baro said...

I love it so much! I follow you!
You have a nice hair!


Missy said...

Hi Becca! thanks for letting me know about the giveaway - you know i LOVE Prada :) your dress is fab and you look beautiful! how's things?

For everything about fashion:

Melissa said...

gorgeous dress! love the photos!


sylvia said...

amazing everything :)

Anonymous said...

Love the dress, so georgeous:)

Bego said...

i love maxi dresses! I'm obsessed! Very summery and fabulous!!!
The shoes I love!
i'm a new follower :D
be mine too? :)

The Red Angel said...

Wow, that's a BEAUTIFUL dress! Though I would love it more if it didn't have that big blue stripe at the bottom. You look gorgeous in it. :3

And I love your photos! Especially the first and last ones. :)


Christina said...

Wow this is the prettiest maxi dress ever. I think i will order it too, because it looks so gorgeous on you. :)

helen said...

Hi, I'm enjoying your blog, which I found by searching for a maxi dress as I've just started my own blog: designer maxi dresses. I'd appreciate any of you advice or expertise :o)

OMR said...

Great post-- love the lacey earrings, they are so divine.

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