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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A Style That Has It All Together

When trying to create a jewelry ensemble that seems polished and stylish, it’s often a good idea to have a solid theme throughout the jewelry pieces. If you’ve found vintage jewelry necklace pieces, for instance, it’s often best to look for the same style and material in a bracelet or earring too. It makes the style come together.

Choose Items with Similar Metals or Stones

If your chosen necklace were made of silver, a classic style would be to have your bracelets be silver too. If you have a large amethyst pendant, look for a bracelet with amethyst too. By choosing similar materials, one has a look that is more classic and elegant. Diamond necklaces would go with diamond bracelets, and so on. Coordinated sets of jewelry are often found sold as a set. These make great gifts, as the recipient doesn’t have to go and find a matching jewelry piece to give them a total look.

Keep Items Similarly Weighted

If you have a large cuff bracelet, you want to pair it with a bold statement necklace. If you tried to pair it with a small charm necklace, it would be overpowered by the other piece of jewelry. You end up looking a bit unbalanced. Keep the jewelry pieces of the same weight and you have a more coordinated look.

Use a Unifying Theme

Beach jewelry all has shells and sea motifs. The theme is fun in the sand. Similarly, you might want some jewelry like a mother’s charm bracelet paired up with a locket that has your children’s pictures in them. If you love hearts, you can opt for a hearts on both your bracelets and you necklace. When you use a unifying theme, the look is more put together and can even be a conversational piece.



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