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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yay, It's the weekend! I've been to see Dear John today, it's such a good film, reminds me so much of The Notebook, and it's so romantic! I'd recommend watching the film if you love your romantic movies and love stories. I did a bit of shopping today, I bought two necklaces in New Look, on there BUY ONE GET ONE FREE JEWELLERY OFFER! (exciting i know, and the jewellery is well worth a look in there!) and i spent £6 in total, BARGAIN? i think so.
Anyways. time for another outfit post, yes as you probably know by now I love doing outfit posts!
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Lace detailed cardigan from Desire Clothing. I love this website, as you know from previous outfit blog posts, it's my new favourite online shop!
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The lace detailing on the cardigan is beautiful. It's perfect for when you want to add that extra feminine touch to an outfit, to make you feel extra girly!
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My whole outfit-
Bodycon skirt - Desire Clothing., Top - H&M, Lace detailed cardigan - Desire Clothing.
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Bodycon skirt - Desire Clothing., Top - H&M, Lace detailed cardigan - Desire Clothing.
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Back view of my outfit, you can see the gorgeous lace back of the cardigan!
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Bodycon skirt - Desire Clothing., Top - H&M, Lace detailed cardigan - Desire Clothing.
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Bodycon skirt - Desire Clothing., Top - H&M, Lace detailed cardigan - Desire Clothing.
Womens Designer Clothes
Have you all had fab saturdays? What have you done today?


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Anonymous said...

i like so much this :)

you're so beautiful

stilettolover91 said...

Very beautiful!! I love it!!

ediot said...

hi lovely thanks for stopping by! you look so cute- adore the outfit too- hope youre having an great weekend. what are you up to?

xx ediot

Carly said...

This is a cute outfit, i really like the lace detail, its so feminine and summery.

Anonymous said...

it's gorgeous!!
love your blog!


Very cute outfit! I love everything, especially the cardi. x

Lisette Pool - 24/7 STYLISH said...

You look so pretty! And the outfit is really cute and chic ^^

With love,
Lisette //

Thaisou. said...

I discovered your site by chance and I find him great.
Im french and i love fashion.
On Monday I go to London, and I would have liked knowing shops cheap where it is absolutely necessary to go, others than topshop primark and urban.

Thank you and go on.

Adele said...

Omg, you are adorable! You are my new favourite blogger! I love what your wearing in your header! really want a NYC shirt like that.. I bought one whilst I was there but stupidly bought it too smalll :( YES LETS SWAP LINKS! haha ill add you right now!

Coerlly said...

you're really beautiful! xoxo.

Rachel Tanski said...

ooh, love it. and prada givaway? so in.

Veren Lee said...

linked you!
the cardigan is really beautiful...

veren .a little princess.



Abbey said...

you look sexy here!! love the skirt with the matching cardigan :)

Labyrinth said...

Love this a lot.. nice blog
Labyrinth Jewellery & Accessories

Unknown said...

very lovely post i like the design in it its cool

have a joyfulday

Anonymous said...

You are absolutley gorgeous, and seem like a sweet person :)
I love your style!

Sootjeelina said...

Amazing outfit!
BTW, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I really appreciate it :D

xoxo Sootjeelina <3


Like this outfit.
We follow you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is indeed a beautiful cardigan! Love the outfit :)

glee said...
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glee said...

lovely lace cardigan!

oh, did you just clean up your blogroll? Seems like my link had to be ousted. or maybe it was not added?


Happy to swap links! I'll add you now?

Shirin said...

hey... thanks for the lovely comment! :) I love your blog - you're so cute! Let's swap links! Mine's! I'll add you in my links now! :) xx

Unknown said...

I love this outfit! x

High street + Couture =

glee said...

hi girl, your link is up at my fashion blog Creative Fashion. I'd love it if you can link back once again :)

Dressing Up For Me said...

Love lace detailing on the cardigan!Perfect for spring and summer. ;)

I love your blog and you´re so pretty! Of course, I´d love to swap links with you. In fact I´ve already added you into my blogroll and I´m following you now. :)

My weekend isn´t that great but I´m surviving it. :)


Lucy said...


Must say a big thankyou for writing lovely things about me on The Style Crusaders blog where she posted about me (Lucy from S.of.ST)
Lovely to know what you thought of my glasses!

Suyinsays said...

you got an award from me!!
beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

You look so georgeous:)

Laura. said...

simple but beautiful

Anonymous said...

Your very pretty ;)
Love the lace cardigan

Emilia Marie:

Audrey Allure said...

Love the lace detailing, and you look so pretty!

Republic Of Chic said...

You're clothes are seriously fun! :)

Much much admiration all the way from India :)

Amanda Lee said...

i love the look!


lover. said...

just discovered your blog. it's really cute! following you :-)

Sjaar said...

aha oke, i want to go see the movie to! Like the sweet style you have.

Unknown said...

I adore this lace cardigan! Excellent choice :D. I agree to link exchange. My blog is: Lillys Roses (
Keep the good work up!



well chosen ! love it ! thank you

Anonymous said...

I love the simplicity to your outfits but the gorgeous details like the lace too.

meraldia said...

I love lace, so romantic!

Wendy Lu said...

I absolutely love H&M.

Haha of course Dear John & The Notebook are similar...they're written by the same person! :P

Nice cardigan! I love the lacing...indeed, it is beautiful and very intricately designed.


Cars said...

Aw, what a lovely cardi! You totally reminded me I should buy a lace top. ;D

Anonymous said...

aw, i love this outfit! you look so cute! great cardi!


Isabel said...

i love the whole look!

Walk of Fashion said...

I loike your blog.

OMR said...

Great post-- love the lacey earrings, they are so divine.

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