Monday, March 08, 2010

Listening to: Beverly Knight - Beautiful Night.

Secondly, I thought i'd let you all see my room, and the daily things which inspire me!
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The back of my bedroom door and a close up on the topshop images on it.
I'm wearing: peach top: topshop, lace peach top: primark, cardigan: mum's, short pearl necklace: new look, long pearl necklace: claire's, grey tights: primark, slipper boots: next.
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Part of my Elle magazine collection on my bookshelf...
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My Jewellery tree, this is not all my jewellery because it doesn't all fit on the tree. :(
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More magazines! Yes I have a lot of fashion magazines, I like to collect them!
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My Audrey Hepburn canvas' I like them lots, I wish I had a really big Audrey Hepburn canvas though!
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My hair! I was experimenting with plaits and headbands earlier...
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The vintage teapot and tea cup I use as pencil holders.
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Some of my vogue magazine collection, I'll admit it, I'm fashion magazine obsessed!

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Your room looks so inspiring! xo

Kathryn Sutton said...

Love your room, very inspiring! I'm a fashion magazine whore too - my mother complains that I spend more on magazines than i do on food. I don't like to admit that she's probably right...


Life At Victoria House said...

Lovely room! Love the vogues :) And love the pictures everywhere! Cute headpiece too! <3

Take a look at my Motel Rocks dress for sale :)

Oh to Be a Muse said...

your room is so great. it screams becca! love ur braid.

p.s. voted for you on facebook.

Anonymous said...

Your room is so cute! I adore it! So much pizazz! Also, I love how picture-friendly your blog is. It keeps my eyes entertained! Fabulous blog, giiiirl!

Follow please? <3


cool room tour!

Unknown said...

your room is so cute!

ps: love the braid in the hair

Wendy Lu said...

I keep all of my magazines together as well. :) How long have you been subscribed to Elle and vogue? Which one is your favorite?

Audrey Hepburn is amazing. <3

The Red Angel

Micaela said...

Hey... i'm stealing all of your accesories and your vogues, ok? If they magically disapeared... it was me, :D lovely room!


Unknown said...

your room is exquisite! I'm currently doing up my room too, and it's so much lovely to have your own wonderland and to daze in the things that inspire you and make you smile (:

Samantha said...

I love your room! Cute cute cute

Jess said...

Love the wall babe and the teapot

Christina Caradona said...

Oh what a great room. I love the pictures.
I also get those magazines in the mail.
x said...

Love every picture!

Alex Dom said...

love those accessories! so jealous!

Shannon | Kid From The West said...

love it , if llook at your roomvmy room is so boring... xD

xoxo shannon

CIARUHHH. said...

looovee Audrey Hepburn

wanna link each other?

Unknown said...

hey sweetie!

Yeah i'm good thanks, how you? ah i couldnt have done it without all your help x I LOVE your room!

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Kmila said...

Is your bookshelf from Ikea? I think I have the same one haha!! I use a shelf for magazines as well xx

brooke said...

awesome! I too love the use of the mug as a pencil holder. I just bought a cup from a cheap shop, but a mug looks way better. I'm a magazine girl too, I've got so many :/ I spend a lot of money on magazines haha. trying to budget myself to $30 a month!

oh and love your layered pearls - looks great :)


Anonymous said...

your room looks great! i collect fashion magazines too..

Anonymous said...


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