An Interview with Model Charlotte Dutton.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Fashion-train has it's first interview! (Yes pretty exciting!)
With Model and Ex-professional snowboarder, Charlotte Dutton!
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1. At what age did you first begin to snowboard? And when did you realise you wanted to be a profesional snowboarder?
I started snowboarding at age 10 and right from the start I knew I wanted to be a pro snowboarder. Thats all I wanted to be in fact -haha!
2. Did you find it hard to find stylish looking activewear to suit your needs?
Yeah, totally. I'd always get clothes from my sponsers, so I was limited to what brands I could wear, but it was hard to find the right stuff. Volcom was my main sponsor and they were pretty good thats why I stuck with them, but I felt there was something lacking in the womens collections compared with the mens in most brands - Im on a mission to put it right and give women the same standard of clothing that the men get!
3. Have you always been interested in fashion?
I've been a model since I was 14- so Ive grown up in the fashion industry and been to hundreds of fashion weeks plus my snowboard clothing sponsors would always have me test clothing and choose colour etc for their ranges. I am a born and bred londoner and I think that the capitals women are the most stylish in the world. Always living and being around stylish people rubs off on you. I think what I most love is the British eccentricity and the quirkeness we have with our clothing.
4. What made you come up with the name 'Misticon' for your activewear brand?
It's really just a fusion of two words- I wanted the brand to be iconic thats where the icon part comes from and the mist part is to do with weather which heavily influences my collections. What I wanted was to make capsule collections of wardrobe staplesthat would see you through the whole year whatever the weather. I was always looking out the window in the morning thinking "oh look at he weather today what the hell am I gonna wear" thats how it came about
5. Would you ever go back to proffesional snowboarding?
No I love snowboarding but I'm really enjoying the designing at the moment. So snowboarding will just stay as a hobby!
6. What was the best photoshoot you have ever done and why?
There has been so many. I tend to try to work with the same photographers. It just makes life alot easier! I work with George Althaus tons (who shot all of our Misticon Campains). Saying that I've been lucky because I've worked with some of the best photographers in the world including Rankin and David Bailey. Doing big campaign shoots for companies like Diesel and Topshop which has always been fun and exciting. I really couldn't choose one particular shoot- It's too hard!
7. What is your favourite campaign which you have modelled for?
Probably the Samsung ads that was huge all over the world or Diesel that was also worldwide
8. What advice would you give to other young snowboarders out there?
The best advice I would give to other young snowboarders is to follow your dreams - and know your market value when it comes to sponsorship you don't want to be broke when your career is over because being a pro snowboarder has a time limit just like any other intense sport.
9. What was it like modelling Topshop's Motosnow collection?
It was great because it was all my own clothing, not many models ever get to model there own range, it was funny because it was shot in portugal in the middle of summer and it was all winter clothing, I remember being boiling!
10. What's your biggest archievement and why?
I don't really have one specific one, there has been a few things where I've thought " I did alright there" . Placing 1st in the us for snowboarding or 4th in the world jrs was amazing! Misticon has been a big achievement I always thought of myself as a blonde dyslexic model who has suffered a few bangs to the head snowboarding haha! so to be running my own company is surreal. I've never been one to follow the crowd or put limits on what I can do so I think thats the secret to achievement.

Charlotte has her own brand of Activewear clothing, check it out here.
Also, Congratulations to Molly from Ou Est La Mode? She won the New Look Competition!
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Anonymous said...


Oh to Be a Muse said...

great interview becca!
you did a good job. and now i know why she calls it Misticon!

Anna Jane said...

congratulations on your first interview :) I've certainly never heard of a snowboarder turned model before, but I love her look!

- Anna Jane xxx

brooke said...

wow so interesting! congrats on your first interview. i love snow and fashion too... woo! haha.


C said...

good interview :) It's true that snowsports need more fashionable clothing!


Wendy Lu said...

Pretty awesome first interview! :) Congratulations, this is a big deal!

It's neat to hear about a model who is also into sports.

Wendy Lu said...

Pretty awesome first interview! :) Congratulations, this is a big deal!

It's neat to hear about a model who is also into sports.

Life At Victoria House said...

Oooo congrats on your interview! Its so interesting :) Love that she modeled sportswear for topshop :)
So impressed...if you dont mind telling me, then how did you get involved in interviewing her?? <3

Cindy / Aka Chymecindy said...

Congrats on your first interview.

Kathryn Sutton said...

Congrats on your first interview! I love skiing but have always felt the clothes could be better - hopefully all that's about to change!!


Suyinsays said...

hey honey,
thanks so much for the lovely comment, that means so much coming fromyou because i think your blogs fantastic too! nooo the orange ones are not as good as the GREEN ones ;) yeah i know, i love chloe sevigny, she looked so pretty!

glee said...

wow, this is so fantastic. How i wish I'd get to interview someone too. Great questions dear. Keep up :)

OMR said...

I totally agree with you, I want to go outside but I'm just so busy with revision :

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