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Sunday, March 28, 2010

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I've been in the same situation as all your girlies right now, you are looking for your perfect prom dress. Either your year 11(aged 16) prom or end of school (year 13) prom (aged 18).
You spend hours browsing and browsing and browsing websites. But you just can't find a perfect one?! Well I've chosen Goddiva to give you some inspiration, and if not that a possible prom dress to buy!
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Shimmer Evening Maxi Dress with Diamante Knot - £45.
This dress is perfect for prom, it's diamante knot in the centre of the dress makes it easily to accessorize with, with silver accessories. It's a longer version of Goddiva's classic dress and will make you stand out from the crowd. Available in Silver and Blue.
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Draped Waist Prom Dress with Side Bow - £33.00
This gorgeous dress is simple, yet stunning. It's perfect for showing the glamorous side of you and can be worn with just black heels and black opaque tights for that red carpet style! Dress is available in Black & White.
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Evening Shimmer Dress - £38.00
This beautiful shimmery classic has a stunning pattern guaranteed to get you noticed and for all the right reasons, and I think this dress is gorgeous for prom, especially in purple, and you are not breaking the bank if you bought it, just means you would have more money to spend on some show stopping heels!
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Fitted Evening Dress with Pleats and Heart Detail: £40.00
This gorgeous classic evening dress would look amazing for prom, available in red, purple and black this dress is a must-have for your wardrobe!
It'd look gorgeous to a lot of events and not just prom!
I've chosen mainly short dresses for this article because as much as long, huge prom dresses are beautiful and look amazing on the night, are you really going to wear it again? I think I'd rather have a dress for prom and that it can be worn to several formal events like weddings and posh dinners and so on!
Check out Goddiva here: Goddiva Evening Dresses. To view more gorgeous dresses at such affordable prices!
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I love the shorter ones!

Wendy Lu said...

That draped waist prom dress is beautiful! I want it. :P Haha but I've already chosen my prom dress for this year! I'm really excited. :] are you going to wear one of these dresses for prom?

And thank you for that lovely comment on my blog!


stilettolover91 said...

Those are all very pretty dresses but the shorter ones are definitely my favorites!!

brooke said...

wow, those first and second dresses are amazing! I'd wear that second one so much, its just gorgeous!

xx said...

The third dress inspires me a lot, both for style and color, really amazing piece!
Have a nice Sunday!

Heather Cavanaugh said...

I like the second one. I remember i wore a pink prom dress that was very disney princess like (we are talking about 6 years ago lol). But I loved it and i'm pretty sure if i knew where it was I would still love it haha. Hope you found your prom dress!!! :)

Nia B said...

Your choices are fabulous. All of these dresses are beautiful. You will be the show stopper in one of these lovely creations. I can't what to see your prom photos. I did not have a prom to go to :( have fun!

Tc, Nia B
"Dubai's It Girl"

electric feel said...

love the first and the last one!

Shannon | Kid From The West said...

aww thanks 2!
and yeah im also looking for a dress
but the ones i like are all 300 euro
and up and im not spending thatkind
of money for a dress... xD

xoxo shannon

electricsbubbles said...

I love the second *_*
Good entry ^^

heartshapedbruise. said...

The second dress is my favourite - it's lovely.
I think it's really sensible to go for more this style of dress, like you say, that you can wear again for other formal occasions.
I actually work at a secondary school, so went to the yr 11 prom last year, & the girls looked amazing - the majority of them had massive princess ball gowns on - which had cost an absolute fortune & will never be worn again. Seems a shame, I'd much rather go for something special, but more affordable, like you've picked there, that can be worn again.
Really long rambly comment, sorry, brain's not woken up yet properly!

Anonymous said...

The last one is beautiful!

Giovanna said...

I love the last two dresses!! The second one is lovely too, but I'd prefer it in another color like purple or Fuschia.

Cupcake said...

i love your blog!
i followed you, check out my blog too if you get a chance =)


Unknown said...

Some cool choices right there!


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