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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Listening to: R Kelly - Ignition.

200TH BLOG POST! let's celebrate with an outfit post!
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Top - Vintage, Skirt - New Look.
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Close up on frilled vintage top.
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Close up on lace skirt.
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Anonymous said...

yeaaah! *_* i love this green top! it is so cool!



I love you in green! Gorgeous. xo

Shannon Marie said...

The green is gorgeous! Really cute outfit(: xx

Wendy Lu said...

Congrats on your 200th post! :D That's amazing.

Haha I love your poses! :) So simple and sweet.

I have a similar top like yours except it is yellow. :D And your lace skirt is sooo cute.


Kate said...

i love your skirt becca (:
xx said...

This green top is amazing!

Kmila said...

Wow! I seriously love this outfit sooo much!!

electric feel said...

love the pop of the colour!

xoLauraox09 said...

I love the skirt!
Great blog :)

Unknown said...

congratulations! keep em post's coming! :D love the green ruffles!

- Michelle


very cute as usual...Did you change ur heading pic or is it just it.

C said...

love the top! The colour/style really suits you. love the skirt too, is it still in stock in NL?


Unknown said...

fab outfit sweetie! you got great style!

Last day to enter my Olivia Rubin giveaway:

Suyinsays said...

wowowowowow really really cute outfit, thanks sooo much for your lovely comment, you're soo pretty and nice too and i think i might have an addiction to your blog!
ahhh elle <3 cant wait for next months :)

Jen said...

Well done on 200 posts! And what a great outfit to celebrate in. :)

Lilac Myth said...

Hey, me and my friend noticed there aren't many fashion vlogs on youtube so we decided to give it a try.

This is only our first video (so don't rip us to shreds!) and we decided to do it about that we think we should be binning, keeping and buying this spring/summer.

Have a little look and let us know what you think :)


OMR said...

I totally agree with you, I want to go outside but I'm just so busy with revision :

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