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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My sister was on this website earlier, looking at the dresses and i looked at them and thought wow. Later on, I looked at the website myself, and i loved pretty much every single item on the site, So i thought i would share my favourite pieces with you!
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Stripe Floral Contrast Dress - £35
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Satin Lantern Skirt - £30
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Tucked Sleeve Crop Jumper - £20
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Floral Blazer - £45
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Tassle Fringe Cardigan - £49

I personally adore this site now. Such stunning clothes. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

love the lantern skirt!

Milly. said...

Aussi J'adore the latern skirt...!
And the cropped jumper - so so much.
Please can it be summer now...?!

Where have you been lady?

Anonymous said...

love the fringe cardigan

F <-- texas gal bloggin fashion from nyc!

erika sorocco said...

I want to wear the Satin Lantern Skirt with the Tucked Sleeve Crop Jumper - so pretty!! :)


I agree! Great pieces =) xo

RTW X NYC said...

Im OBSESSED with the Tucked sleeve jumper! Unfortunately it sold out on ASOS before I could buy it =( Do oyu know if Rare ships to the U.S.???

I V Y said...

woah the lantern skirt is awesome!

duckalicious said...

emm, which shop is that? I'm in love with this floral blazer!

duckalicious said...

oops, just saw the links. thanks for sharing!

mel said...

loving these! and really really love love love the lantern skirt

M said...

i love these blazer!

AMIT said...

Great online store.

lingerie shopping

Milly. said...

Awww I am indeed privileged! ! :)
Thanks sweets.

Sucks GCSEs are dragging you can enjoy AS + A Levels next - it gets worse...!

Lotsoflove Xxx

Unknown said...

i laaaaave the blazer!
and yes, i remember you! it's so good to hear from all my old blog friends :')
hope you're good!

Nancy said...

That lacey puffy cream cardigan is fab!!!

Denise said...

Love everything you have showed too espec the fringe cardi XO

Is This Real Life? said...

yeah these picks are really pretty!

Queenie said...

Rare is a great website with some lovely pieces. I think they supply a range in topshop to?

Tibby said...

lovely blog :)
i love the first outfit
tibs x

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