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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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It's tuesday already, wow how time flies! I'm finding myself writing a blog post most days at the moment, which is a very good thing, and i've done a lot of outfit posts recently (which i love doing!) and so here is another one, on these two gorgeous items from Rare Fashion. I love this site as it's so now. I could see myself wearing every single garment, and it's perfect for all you Topshop lovers. (they sell their stunning clothing in Topshop too, check it out here: here.)
I'm totally in love with this Embellished Shoulder Blazer from Rare's latest collection. It's so comfortable and so day-to-day wearable, it can really transform an outfit. Today I wore it out and a friend said to me, 'wow that blazer's gorgeous, and the embellished flowers stunning it really makes you stand out!' It was such a compliment as I love this blazer lots. (as shown in a recent previous post!)
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worn with sequin beret - from awear, scarf- new look, lace panelled leggings - urban outfitters and lace print bodycon dress - rare.
I totally adore this outfit!
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Check out the curly hair too by the way, you can see it more in this post than my last outfit post, yes it's natural my curls!
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Close up of my natural hair!
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The gorgeous embellished flower, which i just love!
(Other close-ups shown in previous post!)
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New Lace print bodycon dress is so on trend right now, with the 'lace' trend being so big right now, this dress is perfect! Especially for day to day wear, or with some stunning jewellery and a nice pair of heels for a night out!
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Back view of the dress, I love it so much, I can see myself wearing these items of clothing everyday! I'd definetly recommend Rare to all my friends, especially the Topshop lovers. I'm now officially a huge fan! I LOVE RARE CLOTHING!
P.S hope all your days have been lovely!
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heartshapedbruise. said...

That dress is so pretty.
Absolutely love your hair curly, it's beautiful :)


The dress looks fabulous on you darling! xo

Hermes Bracelet at

Oh to Be a Muse said...

great outfit...and the hair is great too. :)

Nate said...

Wow you have great style! Im really diggin it. Follow me.

Taylor Sterling said...

looking fab my dear! xo said...

Love that curly hair, amazing!

Sarah said...

your hair is so beautiful!

Life At Victoria House said...

Love the embellishment on the shoulder of that stripe top :)

INVADER. said...

the scarf is great

Emma x said...

Rare do some fab bits. I love that 'lace' dress, it looks really good on you x

Anonymous said...

great outfit!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit ! That dress is really pretty :)

Secondhand Stella said...

I love that striped blazer! So cute!

Annie Spandex said...

That lace dress is so awesome!

sian said...

LOVE the lace dress, so versatile and pretty :) also love the curls.. mine are exactly the same- its such a pain when they dont behave!!


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