Happy New Year! & Floral Leggings, big yes or big no?

Saturday, January 02, 2010

First of all,
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let's hope 2010 is a much better year than 2009! ( weirdly enough, it's exactly a year since I made my blogspot account, but I didn't start my blog till March so it's not exactly a year old yet. :( )

Any new year's resolutions? Well yes i do have a few but one is for my blog!
Yes, for my blog! I want to be a fashion journalist one day and a dream for this year is to be published in a magazine and for it to be sent to me!

Anyhow, I thought i'd share a current decision of mine. Loved the floral crop top trend. See previous post on floral crop tops here.
I began to notice in leggings section on clothing websites, Floral Leggings
I'm not sure if i like them. Are they too out there? How would you wear them?
I think I might buy a pair and wear them with big baggy and long plain tops!
Here are my favourite pairs from the British High Street.
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1. Rose Floral Print Leggings from TOPSHOP £20.
2. Black Floral Leggings from MISS SELFRIDGE £20.
3. Floral Leggings from NEW LOOK £12.
4. Black/White Rose Print Leggings from DOROTHY PERKINS £18.

I think with the right accessories and plain clothing worn with them, Floral Leggings would look really nice. What do you think? Big Yes to Floral Leggings or Big No?


Mai said...

Happy New Year to you too!
Mmm.. they are cool, but I wouldn't be capable to wear them, too much for me! ahah

Hayley said...

Happy new year!

I think that floral leggings can work when worn with the right clothing and accessories. Go for it if you're feeling brave enough!

And good luck with that new year's resolution!


Jazz Virtue said...

This is one I've been undecided on for weeks! I still can't decide, I really think it depends on the wearer..some people do it well, some people do it terribly with hundreds of clashing colours and prints, and some people just end up looking like a topshop clone. But hats off to the ones who do make it work! :)

Happy New Year to you anyways, and one day soon, I will try to get round to helping you out with a new layout..apologies, I know it was ages ago you asked me, but I haven't forgotten I promise!

Indy said...

I looove your blog! You have such a great eye for style!

About floral leggings. I find that they make people's legs look really wide, unless you have nice slim legs in which case they look awesome.

Ebony Arwen said...

I'd prefer floral stockings paired with an unpatterned skirt & cute little flats, but where I live is too hot to wear tights almost every day of the year.. so my opinion hardly counts on topics like this.
I say go for it! You only live one :) Can't wait to see what you come up with xx

duckalicious said...

floral leggings, hell yeah, gotta get myself some!

Laura Gerencser said...

I think they would look cute with the right clothes/shoes!! Happy new year!!


Happy New Year! I think floral leggings are fine as long as you feel confident wearing them! xoxo

Unknown said...

happy new year and loving all those leggings xxxx

Karoline said...

Happy new year!!

I actually like floral tights, I would have worn them with a little punkish touch.

Emma x said...

I like them! I saw some in Zara today. I think they'd be nice with a plain oversized top in grey or black x

Anonymous said...

floral leggings are so lovely! how could you wonder if there aren't ?:D

Anonymous said...

With a plain top and plain purse they would look great ! :)

jessica rose said...

ah yes, i got some from h&m a reeeally long time ago, and i love them! but yeah, definitely need baggy plain things rather than too-tight, coloured/patterned things, but they can definitely work :)

patryszja said...

i love them and i own one pair but i never wear it beacuse i cannot pair them with anything from my closet.
and happy new year for you, too! :)

Life At Victoria House said...

See I love the floral leggins! But just would have no clue what to put it with either! I wear a lot lose fitting tops (that are normally floral) so it would be difficult!!! Maybe a white plain top with a postcard type picture on it?? :) <3

Kathryn Sutton said...

Happy New Year!

I love my floral leggings, would not be without them!!


erika sorocco said...

Floral leggings are cute; but I wouldn't wear them.

Happy, Happy New Year my love!! :)

Dominique said...

Happy New Year! I love them, paired with a leather jacket or something, to lose the girly girly touch.

Alexis said...

ooh! i love floral leggings, wish i had a pair ! i'd probably either do them like you said, with something oversized and plain maybe with my converse, or with an oversized oxford and a scarf and simple flats. love your blog, thanks for posting this! now i know exactly where to get myself some of these ;]


Anonymous said...

ew love those. i was just talking w my sis how we wanted tie dye leggins but now i want these!

F <-- 2 girls bloggin fashion from nyc and chicago!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!! I wish you all the best!

I love floral leggings!!



its really very cool design thanks for sharing this with us.


Guiltyhyena said...

Happy NY Becca, yess floral leggings!



Serina said...

Happy New Year! I think floral leggings are okay if you wear them with the right thing, but since they are in every store right now, everybody wears them and people don't have any individuality! But I think they could look good if you are really slim and wear them right x

amalie said...

happy new year!!
i think floral leggings are cool, if you don't have too much going on, on top

anonymous said...

your lastest post is great!!

please come check out mine

Chic & Seek said...

Happy New Year too! They are cool leggings but when worn with the right top I feel!

prashant said...

Floral leggings are cute; but I wouldn't wear them.

eminem video

Unknown said...

love the floral leggings, i'd wear em with long white buttoned shirts and boots with long chained neklaces hehe

happy 2010!

Milly. said...

Personally I love this, did a post inc. floral leggings quite some time back and think they're awesome.

But only certain ones. Nothing too OTT. Just basic colours like v. light purple, greys etc - probs the Miss. Selfridge ones.

So a big YES.


Anonymous said...

I adore floral leggins :)

Unknown said...

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