Bargains Galore at The Angels Retro Sale.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Angels is the world’s longest-established supplier of costumes to the film, theatre, and television industries. Angels has received a Best Costume Academy Award for Laurence Olivier’s Hamlet and has supplied costumes to Oscar-winning films including Henry V, Star Wars, Titanic, Gladiator, Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth: The Golden Age and The Duchess.
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Angels Fancy Dress is soon to be holding a retro sale! The sale will take place on Saturday 6th February 2010 near Wembley in London and will contain loads of unique and vintage items of clothing. You can pay £20 for a bag and you can fill it up with as much as you can stuff in.
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Over 25,000 items of clothing and accessories will be sold at this fantastic one-day event, which follows up the success of 2008’s Big Vintage Clothing Sale and 2009’s Uniform Sale, both of which saw thousands of eager shoppers file through the doors in Wembley. The Retro Sale will feature fashion items from the 1950s all the way through to the 1990s, including suits, skirts and blazers from the 1980s; 1970s coats, trousers and dresses; 1960s coats and skirts; and vintage handbags. There will also be one room devoted to a selection of high-quality military and civilian uniform items and hats.
I think this is an opportunity not to be missed, especially if any of you, my lovely fashion blogger readers, live in the London Area!

• Saturday 6th February 2010, 8.30am – 5pm

• Angels Warehouse
1st Floor, Courtenay Road
East Lane Business Park
Wembley HA9 7ND

• Nearest public transport: North Wembley Tube (Bakerloo) / North Wembley Overland

Admission charge – £5 per person

I hope some of you my fashion readers can attend this amazing sale, especially if you live near London or in London!


Juicygirl... said...

oooh i wish i lived near london :( sounds fab hope you have fun xox

Milly. said...

WOW. That sounds so amazing. I wish I could but won't be able to make it.

Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year lovely!


Ane said...

i missed the sale last time cos i was living in America, i hope i can make it this time


Wish i lived nearby. Sounds amazing! xoxo

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KleinSpace said...

It is amazing.I wish also to be there!

electric feel said...

sounds great! said...

It sounds nice!
Have a nice evening, hugs!

Unknown said...

sounds so good i wanna go xxxx


I heard of this sale! It sounds fantastic, I'm too broke to go to London

Aya said...

This sounds amazing! Now I'm thoroughly depressed that I can't go because this is definitely the kind of thing I like to do. D;

Have fun though. Tell us how it goes!

erika sorocco said...

Oh, if only I lived near London - I want to go!! :)

Chicago Chic said...

Sounds amazing! xx

Unknown said...

Ahhh I went to the first sale they did, it was soooo good, got so much stuff. Can't go to this as I'm in New York, have fun if you do go.

Unknown said...

hey great idea would love to go

Francheska L said...

wow !! amazing.


Lea Jones said...

Hey! Its a great post. I liked it and your ideas are fantastic. And you have a good collection of Costumes.

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